Head of the office of registration

Galiya Kydyrbayeva

Candidate of Pedagogy

Tel: 8 728 225 38 69, internal: 1132

Mission of the deparment: registration of the whole history of educational achievements of students.

Directions of the activity of the office of registration:

Registration to disciplines

Control of educational achievements of students

Keeping academic notes


Functions of the office of registration:

Registration and academic notes process control

Formation of academic groups

Organization and conduct of all types of control

Account of accumulation of credits number of students during the whole period of studying

Calculation of academic rating of a student


Information of the office of registration is used for:

Curriculum's development

Pedagogical load computation of the professional and teaching staff on an academic year

Schedule making

Educational process management

Software of all process of the office of registration is carried out through informational system of educational processes management (ISEPM)


Functions of the program:

·         Instructors' registration to disciplines in on-line regime;

·         Students' registration to disciplines of an academic year (on-line)'

·         Registration of the current knowledge control by means of electronic journal;

·         Ensuring computer and scan testing;

·         Formation of question books for scan testing;

·         Formation of transcripts, final form of reports on current and final knowledge control results;

·         Approval of on-line information about current marks on learning disciplines, final progress (exams' results), GPA.