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Inviting of foreign scholars from the partner universities to give lectures to ZHSU named after I. Zhansugurov in 2013

In order to implementthe externalacademic mobilityby order of theMinister ofRKfrom11.01.2013, № 2"On theinvitationof foreign scholarsin theuniversitiesof the republic"invitedforeign scholarsto give lecturesto students, undergraduatesand faculty ofthe university.


Kelley Christopher Rowand

Associate professor of law, University of Arkansas (USA)

from 24.05.2013 until 07.06.2013


Lecturesundergraduatesspecialty6M011500"LawandEconomics"in the course "Comparative analysisof agriculturalandenvironmental law,the United States andthe Republic of Kazakhstan" and doctoralspecialty6D030100 «Law" the course"Negotiating and drafting of legaldocuments in English."


Bohac Jaroslav

Associate professor, doctor of PhD,

University ofSouth Bohemiain Ceske Budejovice(Czech Republic)

from 24.05.2013 until 08.06.2013 г.


Lectures to the studentsspecialty5B060800 «Ecology", 5V011600"Geography"at the rate of: "Protectionof biodiversityand its usein the European Unionand Kazakhstan (Central Asia)."



Milos Ulman

Doctor of PhDof CzechAgro TechnicalUniversity

(Czech Republic)

From 11.06.2013 until 24.06.2013 г.


Lectures to the studentsspecialty5B070300 «Information Systems", 5V011100 "Computer Science", 5V060200 "Computer Science", 5V010900 "Mathematics" and masters degree 6M011100"Informatics"at the rate of «Smart public administration and e-government».


Stanzhytskyi Oleksandr

d.f-m.s., Kiev National University named after Taras Shevchenko.

(Ukraine, Kiev)

from 14.09.2013 until 30.09.2013 г.


Lectures undergraduates specialty 6M010900 "Mathematics" 6M050600 "Economy" on course "Financial Actuarial Mathematics"


Development of international communicationsin the network of academic mobility

From 7th till 22nd of October, 2013 within the frameworkof external academic mobility of teaching staff Siyka Chavdarova-Kostova, professor of  SofiaUniversity named after St. Kliment Ohridsky conducted classes for students and undergraduates of Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov in specialty "Pedagogic and Psychology". Classes for students were
held on the discipline "Pedagogy" and for undergraduates- on the discipline "Interculturaleducation". After the classes students and undergraduates passed the exams on these above mentioneddisciplines.

In addition to that pedagogical staff (Naubayeva Kh.T., Baktybayev Zh.Sh., Abdeyeva S.B., Arysbayeva A.A., Akhmediyeva G.N., Taurbekova A.S., Nurzhanova T.T, Sharova V.V.)of"Pedagogic and Psychology" department were trained atthe seminar and got certificates.