of Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov

for 2014 – 2015 academic year

Global aim: to ensure needs of society with staff and scientific resources, possessing a high level of professional and moral personal qualities in the conditions of integration into the world educational, scientific and information space.

1. Improving the quality of educational services through specialized accreditation of 16 educational programs of pedagogy and psychology, finance and economics, law faculties in the international agency ACQUIN.

 2. Qualitative organization of educational process, teaching and methodological support of higher and postgraduate education, knowledge control and registration of students’ educational achievements by improving teaching methods and information technologies implementation.

3. Training of multilingual staff in bachelor specialities “Information systems” and “Pedagogy and psychology” and implementation of joint educational programs with foreign universities-partners in the specialities: “History”, “Mathematics” and “Biology”.

4. Organization of personnel management, ensuring the faculty professional level improving (share of full-time teachers is not less than 80 %, share of faculty with degrees is not less than 50 %).

5. Volume increase of fundamental and applied researches within the grant funding of MES RK research projects for 2014 - 2015 and “Innovation” research projects by 20%.

6. Expansion of mutual cooperation for student exchange, internships of postgraduates and faculty in the leading foreign universities, accredited and rated in the academic community. Implementation of teachers and students’ academic mobility in the countries-partners of the Bologna process (Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Poland), the USA, Switzerland, China, Turkey and leading universities of Kazakhstan.

7. Ensuring sustainable position in the market of educational services in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 international system requirements, participation in the global and national rankings.

8. Improvement of infrastructure and modernization of university laboratory facilities: purchasing modern equipment in the amount of not less than 48 million KZT, certified software products; updating library fund in the amount of not less than 40 million KZT; expanding the access to the global information resources (Springer, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier, Рolpred, Britannica UK Academic).

9. Meeting information and publishing needs of the university in education and research and paid services, using modern equipment and technologies.

            10. Patriotic education and formation of civic engagement, social responsibility in youth through the implementation of social projects, conducting activities to promote national symbols, formation of knowledge in history, traditions, healthy living.

11. Strengthening the corporate culture of faculty, staff and students of the university by adhering to the code of honor and conducting cultural and leisure events. 


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