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The Zhetysu state university   named after I.Zhansugurov
2013-2016 academic years

           The university   is the largest scientific and educational center of Almaty region, has highly qualified personnel, modern educational and methodical and material resources, carries out three-level training (a bachelor degree, a magistracy, doctoral studies of PhD) on a wide range of the directions providing innovative development of the region and the country as a whole, and realizes education system modernization according to parameters of the Bologna declaration.

The main principles of the policy in the field of quality are:

·         orientation on the needs of the market and society;

·         mobility activities and adaptation to changing conditions;

·         quality assurance in all sectors of activity and continuous improvements;

·         competence and collegiality in taking decisions, economic

·         the feasibility of accepted decisions;

·         openness in all spheres of activity.

                     The main directions of policy in the field of quality:
improving the quality of educational services based on the use of innovative technologies and data analysis monitoring activities of the university  , development of multilingual, in cooperation with foreign universities training programmes.

        The use of scientific potential of students and faculty to participate in the implementation of applied and basic research on priority for the Republic of Kazakhstan directions of scientific research and innovative activity.
        Providing a steady financial and economic condition of university and rational use of resources of research and innovative activity.

        Deepening integration in the international space by expanding the practice of joint educational and research programs with foreign universities and research centers.
        The development of collective systems of university   management and quality management in accordance with the principles of total quality management (TQM) and the requirements of international standards ISO 9001.
        Ensuring effective communication with customers, stakeholders of society, alumni, defining the level of satisfaction of their needs.
         Improvement of human potential of the university, resource and information equipping processes, development of corporate culture.
         Create for the students of the university    educational, scientific and educational environment allowing to develop the professional and personal qualities, civil position and patriotism, to realize the creative potential.
          Ensuring healthy and safe environment for students and staff of the university, the preservation of social guarantees and benefits.
          Administration of ZhSU reported about this policy to the faculty, students, personnel of the university and is responsible for creating the conditions necessary for its implementation.


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  • Балғабай Фариза Нұржанқызы
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  • Мадиканов Абылайхан Кайратович
  • Сабырбай Нұршат  Қанатұлы
  • Ратаев Ардан
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  • Жайлаубаева Назгүл Нұрланқызы

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