The department of  "Public Administration and Management" was organized in 2010.

The undergraduate degree programs provided  by the department are the following:

-  5В051000 – State and Local Management;

-  5В050700 – Management;

-  5В051100 – Marketing.

The graduate degree programs provided by the department are the following:

-  6M050700 – Management;

-  6M051000 – State and Local Management.

The mission of the department- training of  highly qualified and competent future managers capable of effective action in the field of state and local government.


Training of students at the department is provided by highly qualified personnel:

  1. PhD, academic professor M. Kantyreev;
  2. Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor G. Baytaeva;
  3. Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor M. Toregozhina;
  4. Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor M. Seysekenova;
  5. Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor A. Amirova;
  6. PhD, senior lecturer E. Kydyrbaeva;
  7. Master of Economics, senior lecturer A. Bekmetova;
  8. Master of Economics, senior lecturer B. Kylyshpaeva;
  9. Master of Economics, senior lecturer A. Abzhakov;
  10. Master of Economics, senior lecturer M. Abdildinova;
  11. Master of Economics, senior lecturer M. Ayazhanova;
  12. Master of Economics, senior lecturer Sh. Kabylbekova;
  13. Master of Economics, lecturer Z. Syubebaeva;
  14. Master of Economics, lecturer A. Tokanuly;
  15. Master of Economics, lecturer A. Seitkaparov.


During the existence of the Department produced about 400 graduates in the field: "State and local government", "Management" and "Marketing". Graduates of these specialties work in different fields of activity, such as:

- The field of education (university, college);

- Business and entrepreneurship;

- Finance and Banking;

- In government (governorates, ministries, agencies to protect the right);

- Academy of Public Administration under the President of RK.

During this time, the leadership of the department carried out by leading experts as:

  1. Toregozhina Meruert Bolatovna - Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor.
  2. Kydyrbaeva Elmira Omirserikovna - PhD, senior lecturer.
  3. Kantureev Mansour Tasybaevich - PhD, academic professor.
  4. Amirov Aynur Uyzbaevna - Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor.




Currently the department in charge - Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Professor Gulnara Baytaeva Rahmetovna.

GulnaraRahmetovna graduated from the Moscow Agricultural Academy named after Timiryazev with the specialization in "Accounting and Business Analysis in Agriculture" in 1986.

Fields of specialization: management and marketing, branch economics, accounting.

After graduationshe worked at the "History of the Communist Party and the political economy" department as a lecturer in political economy at Gurievsk Pedagogical Institute.

From1989 to 2002 she worked as a senior lecturer at the "Economics and Management" department of Taldykorgan Pedagogical Institute (now Zhetysu State University named after Zhansugurov).

From 2002 to2005 she worked as a senior lecturer at the "Economic Theory" department of Pavlodar State University named after S. Toraigyrov. From 2005 to 2013 she was the head of the "Management" department of Pavlodar State University named after Toraigyrov.

Baytaevahas published monographs, textbooks and more than 40 scientific articles in information packages of intramural and international conferences.

Main directions of scientific research activities staff of the department:

1. Development of the concept of regional management of agroindustrial complex (State registration №0114RK00081).

2. Innovative technology training and economic disciplines (Contract number 0114RK00082).

3. Innovation Management Needs Assessment in staff training and development organization (Dgovor number 75 from 10.28.2013, the).

Main directions of scientific-research work of students and undergraduates:

1. Problems of the youth labor market.

2. Marketing research of the consumer market in the region.

On the researched topic in the last 3 years the department published more than 100 scientific articles in international, national and scientific journals, including 2 articles with impact factor, 4 manuals and textbooks.


The department teachers  are constantly improving skills, so, Ph.D., associate professor Toregozhina M., PhD  Kydyrbaeva E.  program "Bolashak" trained in England.

Academic mobility

Students and undergraduates majoring each year the department has successfully trained in leading universities in Europe and Asia as part of academic mobility. So on the 2014-2015 academic year as part of the external academic mobility of students 3rd year specialty "State and local governance" D. Maksut and A. Esenbaeva and undergraduate of the specialty "Management" Bershinbekova M. go to Warsaw State University (Czech).

Invited foreign scientists

1. Dashkova Victoria Dr. PhD, of the Czech educational institutions of additional professional education EURASS in the Czech Republic in Prague. Dashkova V. lectured on the course: "The financial analysis of a company" undergraduates majoring 6M051000 «State and local government" in the amount of 45 hours during 23.10.2013. on 06.11.2013.

2. Stephen Hole Doctor of Economics Upper Economic University named after V. Korfantogo, Poland, Krakow.  Stephen D. lectured on the course: "the controls are modern business at the state level" for the bachelor - 5V051000 "State and local government," with 02.09.2014. on 14.09.2014.

Achievements of the Chair


In 2008, a grant of MES RK at the national contest "The best teacher of the university" has become Ph.D., assistant professor of Toregozhina M.B.

In 2009, the owner of the grant of MES RK republican contest "Best University Teacher" became head of the Department of Public Administration and Management - Candidate of economic sciences, Associate Baytaeva G.R.

Achievements of the Chair "Governance and Management" is a seminal work of student scientific circles. Majoring State and local government under the leadership of Senior Lecturer Bekmetovoy AK working circle "Prometheus".

Creative thinking, students of special state and local government, are actively involved in it. 

 Specialty "Marketing" under the leadership of Associate Professor Seysekenova M. acts circle «NEW GENERATION»

The potential ofthe "Public Administration and Management" department is assessed as high, evidenced by the average age of the faculty staff of 36 years, ambitions of youth and desire to continuously improve their professional skills and knowledge.


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