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          Head of the department of musical education
          Temirov E.S.
          Associate professor
          The music education chair prepare pedagogical personnel on a specialty 5В010600 «Music education». The qualification of bachelor of music education is confer to the graduates of chair.
          The associate professor «Music education» is Temirov Esen Shoraevich. In 1979 has graduated from the faculty of history and theory of the Almaty state conservatory named by Kourmangazy, by piano specialty, in 2002 «Honorable educator of the Republic of Kazakhstan», in 2007 «Madeniyet kairatkery of the Republic of Kazakhstan», in 1994 «the senior lecturer», the laureate of the Republic competition of creative youth «Zhyger».
          In a scientific and methodic direction prosecutes subjects of formation of creative independence of the future teachers of music.

          Graduates of high schools, music schools, music and pedagogic colleges, having good music aptitude and corresponding musical preparation can enter on a specialty «Music education». Learning is conducting on Kazakh and Russian languages.

          Preparation of the future specialists is conducting by highly skilled teaching staff (graduates of Moscow state institute of culture, Almaty state conservatory named by Kourmangazy, Chimkent pedagogical institute of culture named by Al-Farabi, Zhetysu state university named by I. Zhansugurov). Today on the chair work: 1 doctor of art, professor, 4 candidates of pedagogical sciences, 6 senior lecturers, 2 senior lecturers having a rank of «Madeniyet kairatkery», and also the senior teachers who have a wide work experience at the university.

          The staff of professors and teachers of the chair actively involved in research work which promotes increase of professional skill of teachers, realization of their scientific potential, and also development of the major professional and significant personal qualities of the teacher-researcher (scientific thinking, constructive, didactic, scientifically-informative and creative abilities).

Usenova Aida K. c.p.s.

Temirov Esen Sh. associate Professor

Gullyev Shakhym d.a., Professor

Taubaldiyeva Zhumatai c.p.s., associate Professor

Mitina Nataliya A.  c.p.s., associate Professor

Alsaitova Raushan K. c.a.

Mustafin Bulat A. associate Professor

Valitova Khakima O. associate Professor

Toktarov Esenkhan K. associate Professor

Degrees is 50%.

          Professors and teaching staff of the department is actively engaged in the work of Scientific Research, which promotes the professional skills of teachers, implementation of their scientific potential, as well as the development of professional highly trained critical-important personal qualities of the teacher-researcher (scientific thinking, design, teaching, scientific and educational, and creative abilities).

          Research work carried out by PPS in the following areas:
  • Professional development of teachers and enhance their scientific capacity;
  • The development of important professional and relevant personal qualities of the teacher-researcher (scientific thinking, design, teaching, scientific and educational, and creative abilities).
          Teachers of the chair devote much attention to the attraction of the students to research work. As the result of this work the students take part in different scientific conferences, seminars, the Olympic games both at the university, and at the republic level. Along with this work, considering specificity of the specialty, students participate in numerous competitions of mastery in scales of a city, region and republic. Many students in various years became winners, laureates and diploma owners of creative competitions and the Olympic games among them: the Republican Olympic Games on the basic musical instrument, Almaty city, the Republican Olympic Games on conductor's mastery, Almaty city, the Republican Olympic Games on psychology among teams of non-psychological specialties, Ust-Kamenogorsk city, the Republican competition of scientific works, the Republican competition «Best teacher of music», the Republican aitys among the students, the Regional competition «Taldykorgan shugylasy» and many others.

          The «Music education» chair supports communication with noted scientists and teachers, doctors of sciences, professors from Kazakhstan, Russia and Latvia: such as Abdullin E.B. (MPSU, Moscow city), Bogdanova T.K. (RSU, Riga), Dzherdimaliyeva R.R. (KazNAA named by T. Zhurgenov, Almaty city), Uzakbayeva S.A. (KazNAA named by T. Zhurgenov, Almaty city), Kulmanova Sh.B. (KazSWPU, Almaty city) etc.

          There are created conditions for perfection of the abilities of the students of the specialty «Music education». They can participate in the creative collectives having a rank of «People’s» – in Kazakh folk orchestra named by «Zhetysu», in Russian folk orchestra and at the student's chorus. These collectives are well known not only at our region, but also far behind its limits because of grate number of concert performances.

          Specialty demand and need for the region. Some work is the teaching staff to promote the employability of graduates, which are carried out through meetings with representatives of the Department of Education, Culture. Besides, is to work directly with general, music school, preschool, music colleges on the issue. A successful graduate of the work is reflected in the letter of thanks received by the department, faculty and university for the quality of specialist training. This work is carried out in accordance with the requirements of quality management system.

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