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Department of "Fine arts and design" was established in 2008 on July 2 by order of the rector Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov A.U. Bekturganov.

Head of the chair of c.p.s., associate Professor, member of Union of the Eurasian design, chief editor of the magazine "Этнохудожественная культура", laureate of "Akyn Sara" Adamkulov Nurali Merkebayevich.

The Department has accumulated positive experience in the field of professional training of specialists in fine arts and design. The Department conducts regular work on the artistic design of educational buildings of the University, Assembly halls, registration halls of residence and other infrastructure of the University. All activity of faculty is directed on improvement of professional skill and creative growth of students and teachers.

The educational goal of the Department reflects society's needs in specialists of a new formation, creative, constantly improving artistic and educational,artistic and special and professionally relevant knowledge and skills, the skills required in the labour market and the economy of the Republic ofKazakhstan

The Department has 13 teachers: Professor Barimbekov Zh.Sh. and associate Professor Abdildaev M.D in 2010 became the corresponding member of the Academy of arts of the RK. The Department has three members of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan.they are Barimbekov Zh.Sh., Abdildaev M.D and Akhmetov B.B., three members of the Union of designers of Kazakhstan is Akhmetov E.B., Kambarov Zh.Sh. and Adamkulov N.M.

Five senior teachers: Kambarov Zh.Sh., Ozharova G.M., Nurtyleuov S.M., Akhmetov E.B., Utelbayeva D.B., masters Kydyrbekova E.S., Dusipov A.N., Kusainova D.S.

The aim and task of the Department "5В010700 - Fine arts and design" is preparation of highly skilled specialists for secondary schools of RK, and also the fulfillment of creative and artistic works in the field of advertising, design exhibitions, interiors, visual communications, fragments of architectural environment, objects of industrial and household purpose.

Specialization is designed to fit the profile of the work of creative design collectives of the enterprises and organizations of different ownership forms in the field of entrepreneurship and business, and urban and regional services of housing and building of territories, information and advertising agencies, artistic editions, printed editions and electronic mass media.

Department of fine arts and design closely work together with KazNAI named after Т.Zhurgenev, KazNPU named after Abay, is art-graphic faculty, with WPU, the Department of “Vocational education", with the Academy of business and fashion "Symbat" and other educational establishments of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Scientific achievements of the Department.

In 2013, the PPS of the chair of Artsand Designparticipate in international and national scientific conferences leading Universities of Kazakhstan. Associate Professor Adamkulov N.M on September 22, 2013 participated in the conference "Sadykov’s reading", which held in KazNPU named after Abay. The PPSof the faculty actively participated in international scientific-practical conference, which was held on October 24-26, 2013 in Zhetysu State University namedafter I.Zhansugurov. Was released tutorial of AdamkulovN.M.,Kambarova Zh.Sh. and Nurtyleuov S.M. "Бейнелеу өнерін оқытуәдістемесі".         

Creative achievements of the Department.

Creativeworksof Adamkulov N.M.

«Sherter» Nar kobyz Dombyra sekunda Asha dombyra
Dombyra Baldyrgan Dombyra Shirokoplechnaya Dombyra Torsyk домбыра «Шинкилдек»

Creative worksof Utelbaeva D.B.


    Мастер по дереву
Stile life Chaban Kelin

Creative works of Akhmetov B.B.


  Посол Портрет Зарины Ира

Creative works of Abdildaev M.D.

  Мауеле бәйтерек Жұлдыз жорамал Сәнді орындык

Creative works of Akhmetov E.B.

  Алка Серьги  


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