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Brief historical summary.Department of basic military training began its existence since 1988, as the chair of theory and methodology of physical education at the faculty of primary military training and physical culture of the Taldy-Kurgan pedagogical Institute. From September 2011 chair of theory and methodology of physical education by the order of rector renamed the Department of basic military training.

The work of the Departmentis aimed at training specialists possessing professional knowledge, skills and abilities relevant state educational standards. Currently, the Department of basic military training serves the educational process on a speciality: 5В010400 « Basic military training». Every year graduates are in demand in training establishments, institutions, law enforcement agencies, of Taldykorgan , district and region

The Department has 2 specialized cabinet of basic military training, 1 TYR (shooting), 1 PLATZ (timber), 1 obstacle for practical studies,  Cabinet of anatomy and physiology.

Currently work at the Department: 1 doctor of military Sciences, Professor Djakubakynov B.B., 3 doctors of medical Sciences, Professor Smail N.N., Professor Bektursynov S.M., Professor Sapozhnikov V.I., one candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Prokofieva M.A., one candidate of medical Sciences - associate Professor Galiyeva G.B., 6 senior lecturers, 4 masters, 3 HR officer retired.

The backbone of the Department consists of the graduates of different years the specialty «Basic military and physical training».

.Head of the Department is candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Kurakbayeva Assyl Zheksembayevna

Directions and results of training.The term, diploma papers, and pedagogical practice. To improve the quality of pedagogical practice of students and professional orientation work contracts with educational institutions of Taldykorgan.

The scientific work.The teaching staff of the Department annually participates in Republican and international conferences. Department of basic military training works on the following topic of scientific research: «Education of the Kazakhstan patriotism means of initial military training. The Department of basic military training operates laboratory «human Physiology», where conducted research on the physiological state of a person during exercise.Theme of scientific research: «Monitoring of physiological state servicemen during an exercise.» The scientific leader is the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of the Department Smail N.N., performers: candidate of medical Sciences, associate Professor of the Department Galiyeva G.B., senior lecturer of the Department Kibraeva Z.Yu. The findings were published in national scientific journals. The results of this research work is reflected in the materials of Republican and international conferences and tutorials Professor Smail N.N. and joint publications of the teaching staff and the students. Assembled experimental material is actively used during lectures and practical lessons on cycle medical disciplines.

The merits and achievements of the Department. Smail N.N., doctor of medical Sciences, Professor has government awards: honored worker of public health of RK - 1982 year, excellence in education of Kazakhstan - 2000, the badge «S. Altynsarin» for success in training and education - 2008. Smail N.N. actively working on drafting and release of textbooks. For the last three years he has written and published more than 10 books on medicine and physiology of sport.

Annually students take part in the Republican competition for basic military training in Karaganda. Graduates of the specialty 050104 « basic military training» 2009 Bakaev D.S., Kurbatov S.E, Baubekov D.S. awarded with a diploma of the second degree of the I Republican Olympiad on BMT in Karaganda, 2009.- head is Bulanov V.V., the senior lecturer, the Lieutenant Colonel in resignation.

4th year students of speciality 050104 «basic military training» Maratov A.А., Shagataev Zh.K., Kasenov A.B. awarded a diploma of the third degree III Republican Olympiad on BMT, in Karaganda, 2011. - head is the senior lecturer Djanabaev K.T., reserve major General.


In 2012, the student of the speciality 5В010400 «basic military training» Kasymov D.A. received the diploma of III degree of Republican competition "the Best research work of students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan" 2012, Scientific Director of the research - c.p.s., associate Professor M.A. Prokofieva.

In 2013, the student of the 4th course Tursynov Aidos became the laureate of XII STUDENT INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL CONFERENCE «Scientific community of students of the XXI century» HUMANITIES (Russia, Novosibirsk). Siberian Association of consultants awarded him with a diploma of Laureate for the best scientific work presented at the conference by the decision of the editorial Board (№ DSR-9/1). In the  competition presented the report on a theme: «the PARAMETERS OF the PEDAGOGICAL DIAGNOSTICS AND METHODS of FORMATION of SOCIALLY-PSYCHOLOGICAL CLIMATE by THE FUTURE DEFENDERS of the FATHERLAND».

According to the results of rating conducted by the National Accreditation Centre of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (NAC) specialty 5В010400 «Initial military training» of the University named I. Zhansugurov won the third place among the Universities of Kazakhstan, the most successfully implementing educational programs for bachelor's degree in 2010 and 2011. In 2012 - 4 place from 8 Universities, in 2013 - 5 place from 10 universities of Kazakhstan.

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