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Chair of pedagogy and psychology was found by the order of the Ministry of Enlightment of Kazakh SSR № 572 on October 25, 1972.

Candidate of Pedagogy, Professor Zh. T. Turkpenov was the first head of the chair. S. B. Busurmanova, Candidate of Biology, V. Ya. Glumov, Candidate of Medicine, associate professor, V. A. Glumova, candidate of Biology, Sh. Zh. Zhanadilov, senior instructor, R. A. Burkeyeva, instructor, and Sh. N. Abenova, laboratory assistant.

On the ground of the Ministry order № 70 from April 17, 1980 on the basis of the chair of pedagogy and psychology two independent chairs were created: chair of pedagogy and chair of psychology and age-specific physiology.

These two chairs were recombined in the chair of pedagogy and psychology on March 13, 1987.

General university chair of pedagogy and psychology was entered into the composition of music-pedagogical faculty by the order № 81 on July 3, 2003. Serving educational process of the music-pedagogical faculty, it still remains its functions as general university chair.

The chair of pedagogy and psychology was combined with the chair of age-specific psychology and pedagogy by the order  № 97 from September 1, 2005.

Music-pedagogical faculty was reorganized and renamed to the faculty of pedagogy and psychology by the order № 72 on September 1, 2008, in connection with it the chair of pedagogy and psychology and the chair of age-specific psychology and pedagogy were separated again.

Eminent scientists-pedagogues were head of the chair during different periods of the university:

Candidate of Pedagogy, professor Turkpenov Zh. T. (1973-1976)

Candidate of Biology, associate professor Busurmanova Svetlana Toleuovna (1976-1978)

Candidate of Pedagogy, associate professor Baiguatova Orynbasar Myrzatayevna (1978-1980)

Candidate of Pedagogy, associate professor Zhumabayev Abugali Zhumabayevich (1980-1983)

Candidate of Pedagogy, professor, academician of the Baltic Pedagogical Academy Lee Afanasii Dmitriyevich (1983-1984)

Candidate of pedagogy, professor Bazhenova Valeriya Petrovna (1984-1987)

Doctor of Pedagogy, professor Bazhenov Vyacheslav Grigoriyevich (1987-2001)

Candidate of Pedagogy, associate professor Naubayeva Khapiza Tanibergenovna (2001-2002)

Doctor of Pedagogy, professor Abishev Nurlan Akashevich (2002-2003)

Corresponding Member of the International Academyof Pedagogiceducation, doctor of Pedagogy, associate professor Dyusembinova Raifa Kadyrovna 2003-2011).

Now Candidate of Psychology, senior instructor Abisheva Elmira Dauletovna is the head of the chair.

Postgraduate course on 13.00.01 "History and theory of pedagogy" speciality was opened in 1995-2003 years.

Magistracy on 6N0103 (6M010300) "Pedagogy and psychology" was opened in August 2007. Training of masters is put into effect in accordance with state license: АА№0000020 from February 04, 2002; АБ№ 0137366 from February 3, 2010.

At the present time training of specialists of 6M010300 "Pedagogy and psychology" speciality is conducted on full-time studying in accordance with SCSE RK 5.04.033-2008 «Postgraduate education: magistracy», main Regulations, accepted by the order of the MES RK № 259 from May 6, 2008 and Regulation on Magistracy QMS ZhSU, accepted by the chancellor of ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov, professor A. Ye. Bekturganov from February 01, 2009.

6D010300 "Pedagogy and psychology" institution of doctoral candidacy was opened in August 2010, license АБ№ 0137366 from February 3, 2010.

Activity of the chair on students of magistracy and institution of doctoral candidacy training is directed on implementation of educational programs of postgraduate personnel training for system of higher and postgraduate education and research sector that possess advanced scientific-pedagogical training. Graduates of 6M010300 "Pedagogy and psychology" speciality are given a qualification "Master of pedagogy and psychology", graduates of 6D010300 "Pedagogy and psychology" speciality are given a qualification "Pedagogy and Psychology Ph.D".

Students of undergraduates and doctoral candidates are taught in Kazakh and Russian, duration of studying in magistracy of scientific-pedagogical direction is 2 years, on main direction – 1 year, in doctoral candidacy – 3 years.

Eleven students of magistracy have graduated since 2007 until 2011. Now 42 undergraduates and 1 doctoral candidate are studying at the chair.

Development of international connections is carried out with such leading universities of Kazakhstan and the near abroad as Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai, Kainar University, St. Petersburg university of Psychology and Social Work.

Teaching staff of the chair is notable for high qualification and professionalism:

Abisheva Elmira D.

Duisembinova Raifa K.  d.p.s., Professor

Abishev Nurlan A.  d.p.s., Professor

Naubayeva Khapiza T. d.p.s., Professor

Aralbayeva Ryszhamal K.  c.s.s., Professor

Tokkulinova Gylnar K.  c.p.s., associate Professor

Rysbekova Ryszhan M.c.p.s.

Kurakbayeva Asyl Zh. c.p.s.

Ungarbayeva Shynar U. c.p.s.

Tuleuzhanova Kuralai A. c.p.s.

Degrees is 58%.

Carrying out training of specialists in the sphere of education, the chair ensures qualitative level of undergraduates and doctoral candidates on 6M010300 and 6D010300 "Pedagogy and psychology" specialities for educational organization.

Theme of research work of the chair is "Psycho-pedagogical training of competitive-able pedagogue of new formation".

Main directions of research activity of the chair are development and implementation of research programs, projects, opening of scientific laboratory for psychology.

Teaching staff of the chair works according to the "Fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of education in contemporary conditions" program that is represented in three directions: "International cooperation", "Innovative development of research activity" and "Academic mobility".

The chair of pedagogy and psychology as an important link in the educational surface of ZhSU named after I. Zhansugurov has close relationship, based on principles of cooperation and partnership, with educational organizations, social infrastructures of the Almaty region, with leading scientists of CIS and Kazakhstan universities. Many monographs, tutorials, methodical workbooks, research papers are published by instructors of the chair. Masters and students' scientific problem groups function under their leadership. Scientific-methodical seminars on problems of psychology and pedagogy are conducted on the basis of the chair. Instructors of the hair conduct educational seminars in RK educational organizations.

Now active search of new ways of international cooperation with leading far abroad universities and development of instructors', students' and masters' academic mobility establishment is carried out.

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