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The Department of Economics has a history of formation and development . It was formed in 1996 at the Department of Political Economy and Philosophy , as a result established the Department of Economics and Management . Due to changes in socio-economic conditions in the country, the development of the market of educational services were reorganized units. In 2002, at the Department of Economics and Management, established two new departments - the Department of " Economics and Law " department " Accounting & Finance ". Faculty received a new name - Department of " Economics and Law ." In 2007, with the office of the specialty "Jurisprudence" , " Foundations of Law and Economics" and the formation of the Faculty of Law , the department was renamed the Department of "Economics and Management" . In subsequent years, fundamental changes in the system of higher education and the implementation of the loan program demanded adequate modern challenges of changes in the structure and expertise of the faculty. In particular in 2010, majoring Marketing, Management and State and local government were transferred to the newly created Department of "Governance and Management" , and the department was renamed the Department of "Economics ."

History of the Department of Economics shows that this department was the basic unit , in the course of which highlights a different unit , expanded faculty and discover new specialty training .

Currently, the department in its activities preserves the continuity , tradition and at the same time innovating . It faces challenges posed by our president , Nursultan Nazarbayev, and require practical implementation in the field of education , it is , first of all , the formation of individuals who are able to think independently , possess qualities such as professionals and competitiveness .

Key areas of learning activities teachers of the department are to increase methodological skills, study and implementation of innovative technologies, the development of teaching aids and advice on a particular topic of disciplines.

 During this time the department was headed by the leading teachers of the university and the region:

  1. Shomshekova BK – c.e.s, Associate Professor, 1996-1999
  2. Bleutaeva KB - Doctor of Economics, Professor. Grant holder the best teacher in Kazakhstan in 2007. 2000-2004,
  3. Toregozhina MB - c.e.s , Associate Professor, 2005-2007. Grant holder the best teacher in Kazakhstan in 2009.
  4. Bissenova NL - c.e.s , Professor, 2008-2009,
  5. GB Tuleshova - c.e.s,  Associate Professor, from 2010 to the present

At present the Department of Economics provides training in the bachelor 5B050600 - Economics , 5V090400 - Socio-cultural service , 5B090200 - Tourism . In 2007, obtained a license to conduct training in the specialty of Magistracy 6M050600 - Economy . Since 2009, provides training in the specialty 6D050600 - Economics Doctorate PhD.

The Department of Economics was the first Chair of the financial and economic department, provides training in three levels of higher education : Bachelor - Master - Doctorate .

During this time the department has released about 1,000 students in the specialty "Economics and Management", "Economy", "Management" and "Marketing". Graduates of these specialties work in various sectors of the economy:

 - Education (universities, colleges);

 - Financial - banking sector (banks, the Treasury, the financial police, tax authorities);

 - State authorities (governorates, ministries, law enforcement agencies);

- Academy of Public Administration under the President.

Tuleshova Gulnar Bolatovna - graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at KazGU n.a. S.M. Kirov, as well as in 1988, graduated from the Agricultural College Arkalinsky in "accountant".

From 1991-2010 yy worked at the Department of "economic theory" in the Kazakh National University n.a. Al-Farabi senior laboratory assistant, lecturer, senior lecturer and asociate professor in the Department. Since September 2010, he has been the head of the department "Economics" in ZhSU them. I.Zhansugurov. Total work experience - 29 years, including scientific and pedagogical experience - 13 years.

In December 2001, enrolled in graduate school in the specialty 08.00.01 - economic theory, and in 2004 she defended her thesis on "Patterns of economic opinion in Kazakhstan." Supervisor - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of IIA RK Ya.A.Aubakirov.

Total number of scientific publications , 37 . The scientific work of students under the guidance Tuleshova GB annually win prizes.

Tuleshova GB actively participates in public works of the Faculty.

Staff of the department is highly qualified and professional. Among them are the head of the Department, the  associate professor Tuleshova G.B., 4 associate professors: Bissenova N.L., Agymbay A.O., Kolbaev M.K., 1Associate Professor, candidate of geographical sciences TokpanovE.A., 2 senior teachers: Gabdullina R.Zh., Tulegenova N.K., 6 senior lecturers,masters: Kazieva L.Zh., Mussina T.S., Assanova Zh.A., Korabaeva N.B., Baytarakova B.D., Berkinbaeva E.E., 3 teachers, masters: Oralova N.L., Babash D.B., Gusenov B.Sh. 51%  of teachers are with scientific degrees.


Professor - teaching staff have high ratings for publications in scientific journals of international and national scientific conferences , for the production of manuals and guidelines. Teachers of the department , Head of Department , Associate Professor Tuleshova GB, SS  Bissenova  Associate Professor senior lecturer GABDULLINA RJ , Gaziyeva LJ , Assanova JA , teacher Berkinbaevoy EE published textbooks, including recommendations for the implementation of projects and dissertations , going through all kinds of practices.

Modernization of higher education and the transition to the loan program demanded departure from the traditional methods of teaching and the development of innovative methods. Teachers of the department using such techniques as: Case studies, brainstorming, group work, discussions, debates, role plays, which greatly activates students and interest in learning. Such teachers can be attributed Tuleshova GB, Gabdullina RJ, Kaziyeva L.ZH, Musina TS, Assanova JA, Korabaeva NB.

Today, the department has: lecturers, c.e.s,  Head of the Department Tuleshova GB, c.e.s , Bissenova NL, c.e.s , Agymbay AO, c.e.s, Kolbayev MK, c.e.s ,Tokpanov EA, senior teachers Gabdullina RJ, Tulegenova NK, senior teachers Masters Kazieva LJ, Korabaeva NB, Assanova JA, Mussina TS, Dzhamaldinova R. J., Berkinbaeva EE, teachers masters Oralova NL, Babash DB, Gussenov B.Sh.

Academic mobility of the Department of Economics

By external mobility department actively cooperates with the Kiev National University n.a. Taras Shevchenko, with the Czech educational institutions of additional professional education EURASS (Czech Republic), with the Uppersilesian University of Economics n.a. B. Korfant (Poland), Moscow State University n.a. Lomonosov, the University of Warsaw (Poland), University of Craiova (Romania), University of Belgrade (Serbia), People's Friendship University (Moscow).

          In this direction were carried out the following activities:

Between 16.09.2013-28.09.2013y.y., gave lectures at the invitation of the Department for students of the Faculty of Finance and Economics Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences of the Kiev National University n.a. Taras Shevchenko, Stanzhitsky AN, with 24.10.2013-05.11.2013y.y., Dr. PhD of the Czech educational institutions of additional professional education EURASS (Czech Republic) on the course "Financial Analysis Reports" - Dashkova Victoria Yu.

From Uppersilesian University of Economics n.a. B. Korfant (Poland) during 02.09.2014-14.09.2014y.y., conducted lectures d.e.s., Stefan Dyrka, hole on the course - "Economic policy in the context of globalization."

Students specialties of the department were marked by awards and winners of the contest were « Ilyas Star», Republican student conference branch of Moscow State University.

Since 2011, the specialty 5B090200 - "Tourism" was transferred to the department of Economics.

For the development of special skills specialist students specialty "Tourism" in 2009, are taking part in the International "Ili-Balkhash" regatta, the International Tourism Fair KITF-2009, KITF-2010, KITF-2011 in Almaty, regional competitions in tourist  decathlon in Tekeli, annual regional tourist meeting on  the World Day of Tourism.

Scientific training of undergraduates majoring 6M050600 "Economy". University of Management and Science of Malaysia in the period from 23.01.2013 -08.02.2013y.

Students of "Tourism" in May 2013 went on the roads of the Silk Road. Been Turkestan, Taraz, Shymkent, together with your supervisor Associate Professor EA Tokpanov

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