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Finance works at chair: The head of the department Finansy Cand.Econ.Sci., the associate professor - Abdibekov S. U. 2 - Doctors of Economics, professors - D. A. aldiyar - The dean of faculty of FEF, Bleutayeva K.B., 4 - Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professors - Shomshekova B. K., Lukhmanova G. K. - the deputy dean of FEF on science, Cand.Econ.Sci., associate professor Ilimzhanova Z.A., 6 masters - senior lecturers of Burnashev V. R. - the deputy dean of FEF on study, the deputy dean of FEF on science Bedelbayev A.E., Akhmetova Z.Sh., Nurtayeva A.K., Kasenova A.M., Bastaubayev A.K.

The Ostepenennost makes 50%.

The Finansy chair carries out the activities for the following directions:

· development and application in teaching activity of innovative technologies;

· development and implementation of research, scientific and practical programs, scientific projects of students and undergraduates;

· the publication of articles PPS of chair in editions with the high level of citing Impakt - a factor;

· participation in republican, international, scientific and practical conferences, the student's, republican, subject Olympic Games in "Finance" in KAZEU of T. Ryskulov. 

Since 2011 on Finansy chair trains undergraduates in the specialty 6M050900 - "Finance" (the state license with the AB appendix No. 0137366 from 03.02.2010g.) on the basis of profile (1 year) and the scientific and pedagogical direction (2 years).

Professional development of PPS of chair takes place according to the approved plan of chair in IPK in TREASURY of al-Farabi, in KAZEU of T. Ryskulov according to the programs "Technique of Preparation and Carrying Out Lectures on Economic Disciplines", "School of Pedagogical Skill", courses in the Kazakh-Japanese center "Management of Human Resources", the Center of continuous training of heads St. Petersburg, there are corresponding certificates and certificates.

Academic mobility of chair Finance

On external mobility the chair actively cooperates with university Zurich (Switzerland), university of the Western England, Bristol, Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Warsaw university (Poland), Krayev's (Romania) university, the Belgrad university (Serbia), RUDN (Moscow).

In this direction the following events were held:

1)  From 12.12.2011 - 23.12.2011 under the leadership of the head of the department "Finance" Abdibekov Saken Ualikhanovich, there passed training undergraduates in the Russian University of Friendship of the People (RUFP) Asanov Zh.A. senior lecturers., Syzdykbayeva N. B., undergraduates Alimkhanova Marina, Babash Díaz, Bazilbekova Shynar during which took the course "Current Trends of Development of Professional Competences of Future Experts in Economic — the Legal Sphere" in number of 72 (seventy two) hours and completely mastered the program (certificate No. 12-05-1/243).

2)  Undergraduates of specialty 6M050900 - "Finance" Rymkul N., Aldabergenova And., Kanapiyanov S., Asaubayev M., ҚазбекD., Taldybayev Z., Zakirula O., were trained within the interuniversity agreement of the parties in Managmentand scince university (MSU) Malaysia during the period from 24.01.13 - 07.02.2013g.

3)  Undergraduates of Finansy chair of Nusupbayev Ayman (the certificate No. BWZ-GS-8/2012/Kazakhstan), Bazilbekova Shynar (the certificate No. BWZ-GS-7/2012/Kazakhstan) in 2012-2013 uch.goda were trained from October 1 to February 2 at the Warsaw university (Poland).


1) International Economic Geography;

2) International Finance;

3)  International Labour Migration;

4) International Trade Policy;

5) TheoryofFinance.

Undergraduates listened to lectures on a subject: "Importance and Advantages of communications", "Conversation in various situations". The case study "People and Communications" was conducted, listened to the lectures "Conversation Etiquette", "Communications on a Workplace", "Communication with Difficult People", "Consequences for Studying of Language", etc.

Since September 20, 2013  the following students of Finansy chair are trained with the term of 6 months within the academic mobility: on a bachelor degree to Prague (Czech Republic) Imanbekova Ayzhan group ҚҚ321, Poland (Warsaw) Abildayev Adiel group ҚҚ411, Kadyrova Faina - FR 321, on a magistracy to Budapest (Hungary) Kanapiyanov Serik - MP 211, Prague (Czech Republic) of Zakirula Olzhas - MK 211gruppa.

Head of the department "Finance"

Abdibekov Saken Ualikhanovich

Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor

07.09.1976 year of birth, native of the Southern Kazakhstan area of the city of Turkestan. In 1993 I entered the International Kazakh-Turkish university of H.A. Yassavi, qualification the International economic relations as "Economist". 2000-2002 the International Kazakh-Turkish university of H.A. Yassavi a magistracy in "The international economic relations".

2000-2004. Finance department at Regional Administration of YuKO, the chief economist of department of planning and forecasting of budgets of YuKO.

2004-2008 of MKTU of name H.A. YuKO Yassav, Turkestan, International Economic Relations chair.

In 2007 successfully I defended the master's thesis according to the code 08.00.05 - Economy and management of a national economy (on branches and fields of activity) on a subject: "Forecasting and planning of development of the coal-mining enterprises in market conditions".

2008-2009. University of D. A. Kunayev the head of the department "Finance and the account".

2009 KAZEU of T. Ryskulov, Statistics and Assessment chair, the deputy dean on science of faculty "Finance".

Since 2010 the Manager of Finansy chair I BURN DOWN of I. Zhansugurov.

For increase of the qualification I completed the courses USAID within the ISMA "Developments of Local Management in Kazakhstan", "Financial Management" Project 1-2-3-4. I was trained and received the certificate on a subject: "Bases of corporate management" at CIPE seminar the Institute of directors, courses in the Kazakh-Japanese center "Management of Human Resources", has a number of certificates: "Strategic management", "Overcoming of an economic crisis", works on release with the high level of Impakt - the Factor both completed a course of increase and received the certificate of "ElsevierBV", in 2014 completed the course "Effective Budgetary Management at the Enterprise" in the center of continuous training of heads St. Petersburg.

Has the certificate of professional development and the successful termination in International business - school according to the School of Pedagogical Skill program.   

At the moment I participated in more than 50 international, republican scientific and practical, educational and methodical conferences, has three monographs: 1. Planning and forecasting of activity of the enterprise in the conditions of the market. 2. Improvement of development of the exchange market in Kazakhstan. 3.Problems of management of portfolio investments in Kazakhstani's Republic five educational and methodical grants. Methodical provisions (grants) are developed for students of final years on writing of theses and passing of work practice for students on specialization "Taxes and the taxation" has 2-lecture a course on discipline: "Financing and crediting of investments", "The international finance".

Abdibekov of S. U. Neodnokratno participated in the International scientific and practical conferences in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Yakutia (Republic of Sakha), in foreign countries: USA New York, Canada, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Australia, Poland.

Within collaboration with research laboratory the associate professor "Finance" S. U. Abdibekov published article on a subject: "Agro-industrial complex of Kazakhstan its main shortcomings and priorities", in the second scientific and practical conference "The state and society: interaction problems" at VYATGGU'S university of Kirov, 2011, is awarded by "Certificate of honour" the manager of scientific laboratory ISGIMA VYATGGU. 2014 from the Director of TsNPR BPAN, the corresponding member of MAPN G.E.Leevik handed the Certificate of honor for excellent shown a contribution to science.

Increasing skills of teaching activity in research work, and also in the field of domestic education the Russian Academy of Natural sciences to Abdibekov S. U. the rank of professor PARADISE was given, and also the rank of the Academician - Academies of the International academy of informatization the diploma (No. 1389) is given.

The ministry education and sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the head of the Minister of Education and Science A. Sarinzhipov, handed to Abdibekov Saken Ualikhanovich ranks "The best teacher of higher education institution of 2013".

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