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Head of  of Information Technology chair Aigul Onalbekovna Aldabergenova candidate of Pedagogical sciences, docent corresponding member of the International Academy of Informatization

The chair of information technologies, incorporated as a part of the department of mathematics and natural sciences was founded in 1991 as the chair of Informatics. Later on, the chair was known by the following names: “Numerical methods and informatics”, “Informatics and the methodology of teaching informatics”.

The first head of chair was Turmagambetova Kulyash Valiyevna. In the next period, the chair was headed by Nuridenova K.N., Ualiyev N.S., Nysambayev Zh.N.

In July , 2008 due to the university restructuring, the chair of informatics and the chair of methodics of teaching mathematics were reorganized. The split into the chairs of “Information Technologies and Methodology of teaching informatics” and the chair of Informatics. From 2008 to 2013 the chair of Information Technologies and Methodology of teaching informatics was headed by candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, docent Ualiyev N.S.

In August of 2013, due to the university restructuring, the chair of Information Technologies and methodolofy of teaching informatics and the chair of Informatics were reorganized and split into the chairs of Information Technologies and Methodology of teaching informatics.. Since 2013 the chair of Information Technologies has been headed the candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Aldabergenova A.O.

Aldabergenova Aigul Onalbekovna graduated from the department of Physics and Mathematics of the I. Zhansugurov Taldykorgan Pedagogical university, specializing in Mathematics and Informatics.

In 2010 she defended the candidate’s thesis on the specialty 130002 – Теорияиметодикаобученияивоспитания(информатизациявсистеменачального, среднегоивысшегообразования) on the subject «Ашық интерактивті тапсырмалардың компьютерлік бағдарламаларын жасаудың әдістемесі».

Following the years of work, Aigul Onalbekovna was awarded the honorary diplomas from rector. In 2011 for the achievements in education she was awarded The Honorary Diploma from the regional Maslikhat. She authored 45 papers and co-authored the manual “Программалаудан есептер жинағы”.

The chair has a highly-qualified staff of professors and lecturers. Currently the chair employs 2 candidates of physical and mathematical sciences, 4candidate of pedagogical sciences, 1 PhD, 8masters.

Bekbolganova Alma K. c.p.s.

Baygozhanova Dametken S. c.p.s., associate Professor

Baigildinov Talgat Zh. c.p.s., associate Professor

Isayeva Gulnara B. c.p.s.

Kydyrbayeva Galiya T. c.p.s.

Three lectures were awarded the badges of honor from the Ministry of Education. NysambaevZh.N-«Почетный работник образования РК», UaliyevN.S.-«Ы. Алтынсарин», ShaltabaevA.A. – «За заслуги в развитии науки Республики Казахстан».

The sphere of scientific research of the chair is Iformatization of Education. The following topics are carried out: “Development of application EVALUATION of WORKING HOURS” (Ualiev N.S), “Methodology and developing applications for open interactive tasks”(Aldavergenova A.O.), “Mulimedia of teaching the basics of databases for the specialty “Information Systems”(Tukenova N.I.).

Degrees is 50%.

Today the chair trains the specialist in the following directions:

Bachelors program:

  • Natural sciences – 5B060200 “Информатика”
  • Technologies – 5В070300 “Информационные системы”

Masters program” pedagogical direction – 6М011100 – “Informatics”

The students have the possibility to obtains knowledge and skills in the various fields of IT and programming and apply them t the various spheres of modern life. It is empowered by the following:

  • Highly-qualified staff of professors and lecturers
  • Internet-powered computer classes
  • Virtual lab
  • Practice in local enterprises and schools
  • Close connections with the best Kazakhstan and foreign universities
  • Scientific seminars

Studens take an active part in scientific research.  Many of theam are winners of the various Olympiads and contests. Rustam Temirgaliev, a student of Informatics specialty was a runner-up in the scientific contest INTECH-2004, held by Samsung. Alisher Esmakhanov, student of Informatics specialty won that contest and was awarded a trip to the research center in San Diego. Besides, he won the Olympiad in Pavlodar. Student of Information Systems specialty Ruslan Butin took the 2nd place in scientific and practical conference “Youth and Science” in 2009, and in the following year he won the 1st place at that conference. In 2010 Ruslan Butin took the 1st place in Protection Systems nomination, in the contest held by IT Awards Kazakhstan. In 2009, the team consisted of Serikzhan Karsak0v and Asem Erkinova took the 3rd place on informatics Olympiad. In 2010 he took the 2n place.

In 2009-2010 the bachelor’s specialties 5B011100 Информатика, 5B070300 Информационныесистемы, and the masters specialties  6MB011100 – Informatic  were accredited by the international agency ACQUIN., consisting of the leading Germany professors

The graduates of the bachelor and masters specialties of Informatics and Information Systems and highly welcome at the labor market. Many graduates hold the leading positions in various institutions and enterprises. For example, Nurlan Azhikhanov is the prorector for education of the Kaspy university of technologies and engineering. Pavel Sachkov is the head of IT department of Emergency Department of The Almaty region. Zhumageldy Ryskhanuly – the chief specialist of E-Document system of the local akymat. Aizhan Adambekova – is the director of the regional center for new information technologies. Marat Madybaev is the chief enginner of Banking service bureau of the National Bank. Alexander Gunkin is the chief accountant and enginner of the ALGA. Mehmet Gonultas runs the casper Computer.

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