He History department was one of the university divisions-originators of the Zhetysu State University. In March 31st, 1973 the department Marxism-Leninism was established at the Taldykorgan Pedagogical Institute, R.A.Solodilova, candidate of Philological Sciences was at its head. In August 24th, 1977 the department was divided into Philosophy and Political Economy department; department of KPSS (Soviet Union Communist Party) and scientific communism. Historians joined the second department. In March 18th, 1991 the department of KPSS was renamed into the department of Political History and Socialism Theory, A.M. Sadykov, candidate of Historical Sciences became a chairman of the department. In September 19th, 1991 the department of Political Sciences headed by D.K. Khazhiyev, candidate of Historical Sciences was seceded from it and became a common university department. Since that time the History department became an independent within University’s philological faculty. In early years the department has only six lecturers. A.M. Sadykov, U.A.Tenizbayev, S.U. Ordaliyeva, R.K. Adilbekova were the first instructors and they are still serving at the University. During 1993-1998 the department of History was administered by Z.S.Slambekov, candidate of Historical Sciences. In the years 1999-2005 the department was headed by professor O.K. Mukhatova, Doctor of Historical Sciences. In 2006-2007 the department’s chairman was A.K.Katenov, candidate of Historical Sciences and in 2008-2009 it is under leadership of N.K. Baigabatova, candidate of historical sciences. In different years the department of History prepared the specialists in the following fields: History and Law, History, Principles of Law and Economy. Currently, the department teaches students to specialize in 050114 History. 

Teaching staff of the department consists of 14specialists: 5 candidates of sciences including 3 associates, 8masters, 3. From September 1st, 2009 the department is leaded by Y.O.Bulanov, candidate of historical sciences.Degrees is 50%.

          More than 130 full and part-time students majoring in History study in the School of Art. Students of this specialty do research works through target groups and archeology club, take part in Oblast and Republican competitions and scientific conferences. The lecturers of department organize course-specific contests among students, scientific discussions, and educational plays.
          The mission of the department is to organize of scientific and research works among faculty and students as well as to implement teaching and educational activities.
          The bachelors of 5B011400 History program are entitled to perform professional activities in the following areas:

  • Teacher of history and related disciplines in educational institutions (schools, colleges, gymnasia and lyceums);
  • Scientific-research activities;
  • Managing activities in various state authorities.

          The direction of professional activities:

  • History and World History, Museology;
  • Archeology, Ethnology, Archival science;

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