Rakhimbekov Aitbai Zhaparovich, the head of the  department, entered MChTI after D.I.Mendeleev in 1970 and graduated from Kazakh Chemical-Technological Institute with honours in 1977 on the specialty  ‘’Technology of Electrochemical Productions‘’ with the gualification of a chemical engineer. In 1986 defended his Ph.D. thesis on ‘’Managing the oxygen content in semiconductors using solid oxide superionic conductors’’ on specialty 01.04.10 ‘’Physics of semiconductors and Dielectrics ’’ in PTI after A.F. Ioffe RAW USSR in Leningrad.

Rakhimbekov Aytbay Zhaparovich - born 14.6.1953, in the village of Kyzylzhar, Taldykorgan region, the Guard District Resupbliki Kazakhstan in the large family of the worker. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences (1986), Associate Professor (1992), Professor (2013g.), member - correspondent of the Baltic Pedagogical Academy (1996), now the Department of zaveduyuet "Vocational Training" Zhetysusky State University Ilyas Zhansugurov.Was awarded diplomas of MES RK, Zhetysu after I. Zhansugurov, medal of honor after I.Altynsarin, lecturer, k.p.-m.w., member of Baltic Pedagogical Academy, Scientific activity is connected with the study of solid oxide superionic conductors, the synthesis of semiconductor films in a vacuum, nanotechnology, the phase transformation of interference films.

Educational and methodological activities are connected with the training in specialty 5B012000 “Vocational Training”, “Physics”, “Physics and Informatics”, the development of electronic textbooks, educational and methodical complex for courses “Thermotechnics”, “Hydraulics”, “Sopromat”, “Introduction to specialty”, “Theoretical Foundations of Engineering” preparation of guidelines for the implementation of project and dissertations.

He drafted and developed training manuals in “Quantum Mechanics”, “Processing of the experimental results”, “Methods of teaching polytechnic disciplines”, “Thermotechnics”, “Molecular Physics”, according to the results of research of solid oxide superionic conductors, he has more than 100 scientific publications, an inventor s certificate “Method of vacuumtight connections” abroad, in the CIS, Kazakhstan.

He directs the scientific work of students, preparing them to Olympiads, has co- authored publications abroad, in the CIS, Kazakhstan. He supports international cooperation and communication with PII after A.F. Ioffe PAH in St. Peterburg, KazNU after Al- Farabi, KazSTU after K. Satpaev, SKSU after M. Auezov, KazNPU after Abai.

Currently, the department "Vocational Training" work:

  • Prof., Ph.D., UI Urazaliev, associate professors - Dr., Corr., Head. Department A.Zh.Rahimbekov, Ph.D. E.K.Sarbasov, S.S.Almuhambetov, Ph.D. AA Kurmanbaev;
  • Senior teachers G.S.Nurbosynova, RA Saduakasova, ZE Shagataeva;
  • Master Turganov MM;
  • Head. workshop KS Nurgaliyev st.laboranty BT Moldakulov, BA Chukenova, laboratory K.Alimbekova.

The department has a well-equipped and air:

  • Educational laboratories (electrical engineering and electronics, microprocessors and VT);
  • Student sewing room;
  • Training and production workshop.

The Department graduates work in many different institutions and enterprises of public education, engineering offices, research institutes, colleges and schools. Currently such graduates as Kurmanbaev A.A., Bekbolganov E. Zh., Ongarbaeva Sh. U. defended their thesis for Education Sciences and work successfully as teachers in Zhetysu after I. Zhansugurov. During 20 years of its functioning Department has prepared more than 2000 specialists for the sphere of agricultural, engineering and educational field.

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