c.p.s., associate professorhead of the department Stambekova Assel Serkebayevna 


Teaching staff of the department 

Teaching stuff of the department of 2014-2015 academic years including teaching staff and assistance personnel: head of the department, c.p.s., associate professor Stambekova Assel Serkebayevna (28.01.1981),    c.p.s., associate professor Zholtayeva Gulnar Nurbolatovna (16.05.1961), d.p.s., professor Nugusova Aitzhamal (15.07.1936), c.p.s., associate professor Khanina Nadezhda Nikolayevna (27.03.1963); c.p.s., associate professor Boribekova Farzana (05.08.1951), c.p.s., associate professor Galieva Aigul Nursaitovna (27.06.1980); c.p.s., senior lecturerAssylova Raushan Omarovna (13.01.1975); d.p.s., professor Diusembinova Raifa Kadyrovna;  lecturer Kaimuldina Sholpan Saduovna (25.02.1958); senior lecturer Yessimkhanova Raigul Kazhymukanovna (21.06.1962); senior lecturer Burkitbayeva Anar Zhanarbekovna (25.03.1969); senior lecturer Ibragimova Karlygash Karbozovna (04.01.1946); senior lecturer Batyrgalieva Abzel Srailovna (11.05.1958); senior lecturer Mailybayeva Gulmira Sabyrovna (07.02.1968); master, senior lecturer Tazhinova Gulnar (24.08.1971); master, senior lecturer Azanbekova Gulnaz Tursynbekovna (26.08.1970); master, senior lecturer Erzhanova Gulnur Zharbolganovna (27.10.1982); master, senior lecturer Issabayeva Zauresh Muratovna (20.08.1988); master, senior lecturer Almenbetova Karlygash Zhapsarbayevna (21.02.1985); lecturer Shatyrbayeva Gulnar Zhakypovna (08.03.1962); master, lecturer Alipbayeva Anar Askhatovna (28.09.1988), assistant Eshmukhametova Rashida Sanatbekovna. 53% of teaching staff have a scientific degree.

Strategy of the department

The overall strategic goal of the department: providing quality training of competitive specialists through the introduction of credit system, which have knowledgein the educational system, the features of the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the basis of the State Program of Education Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.

The department is a single team in the framework of which the following main areas: educational-methodical work; scientific and methodical work, academic mobility, work with young teachers; educational work.

In accordance with the directions of the act methodical sections by function: "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education", "Defectology".

The department carries out tasks: organization of the educational process; development of skills of independent work of students; formation of an active life position of students; organization of scientific practice staff of the department; on scientific and methodological support of educational process; improvement of professional skills; expansion of scientific and practical relations of department.

The main direction of the research work of the department: an innovative approach in training and education: theory and methods. Objective: to define methodological conditions and patterns of innovative technologies in the educational process. This research is being done on the themes: "Theoretical and methodological bases of preparation of future elementary school teachers to diagnostic activities in mathematics" (Zholtaeva GN), "The meaning of linguocultural names related to hunting with animals and burds" (Assylova R.O.),«Improvement of cognitive interest of students through practical meaningful tasks in the process of teaching mathematic in the elementary stage of school» (Stambekova A.S.), "Methodological preparation of teachers to use Kazakh ethnopedagogical materials in the educational process of school " (Boribekova F.).

Preparation of specialists

The department oversees the specialty 5B010200 - "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" and 5B010500 - "Defectology" Bachelor and 6M010200 - "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" and 6M010500 - "Defectology"master degree.

Graduates of the specialty 5V010200 - "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" is awarded the academic degree - Bachelor of pedagogy and methodology of primary education. They can perform the following professional activities: teaching; organizational - pedagogical; managerial - teaching; scientific - research.

 Graduates of the specialty 5b010500 - "Defectology" awarded the qualification "Bachelor of defectology". Professional activity of Defectology (educator of oligofren, educator of the deaf, speech therapist) include: diagnostic, consultative and methodical and prevention work; organization of educational and correctional process in institutions of education in accordance with the requirements of science and practice; work with parents who have children with developmental disabilities; work on the exchange of experience with domestic and foreign counterparts, the goals and objectives of the State Program of Education Development and the Law "On social and medical and educational support for children with disabilities." Training in the specialty 5B010500 "Defectology" conducted in the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​on intramural and extramural, including remote technology.

Master students of the  specialties 6M010200 - "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" and 6M010500 - "Defectology" graduated scientific and pedagogical direction receive the degree "Master of pedagogical science", "Master of Education".

Scientific and research work and international cooperation

Over the last 3 years teachers of the department published more than 30 teaching aids including electronic textbooks.

Since 2011-2014 staff of the department participated at the republican and international conferences (published more than 200 publications) with the results of scientific and educational research and including 10 papers in journals with non-zero impact factor, as Scopus, ThomsonReuters.

In order to enhance the professional skills of teachers of the department regularly participate in international and republican scientific seminars (Bulgaria, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, etc.). Particularly, c.p.s.,associate professor A.S.Stambekova and senior lecturer A.Zh.Burkitbayevawere trained during06.11.-14.11.2013 in Saint-Petersburg State University of Psychology and Social Work.

Since 2012-2014 at the department under the supervisionof A.Stambekova(executors: G.N.Zholtaeva, A.Zh.Burkitbayeva, G.Zh.Yerzhanova) operates the project "Integrated remedial developmental education of children with mental retardation in the elementary grades of educational institutions", financingby the won Republican grant of research projects (29 mln. №0110RK0030040).Scientific and  research workare carried out according to plan. Meeting director of the Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology National Pedagogical University of correction named after M. Dragomonova (Ukraine) Professor V.N.Sinev with c.p.s., associate  professor of ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov G.N. Zholtaeva. C.p.s., associate professor A.S.Stambekova and senior lecturer A.Zh.Burkitbayeva  in Saint-Petersburg State University of Psychology and Social Work. Exchange  with experiences in social center of adaptation and rehabilitation of children and teenagers with disabilities. 

Teachers of the department G.N. Zholtaeva, A.S. Stambekova, G.Zh. Yerzhanova working on the project "Scientific framework for the preparation of future teachers to work in conditions of ungraded schools" (2013-2015, rector’sgrant of ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov).

On research topics of master's thesis postgraduates studied at the St. Petersburg State University of Psychology and Social Work in 2012,studied at the Omsk Humanitarian Academy in 2013,were take manufacturing practices in the StateBelorussian University in 2014. Master student Alipbaeva Anar studied at the Warsaw State University by the program of academic mobilityin 2013.


Scientific and research work of students 

Students are actively involved in research work. For example, in 2012 in Taraz held IV National Olympiad, where a team of students "Shamshyrak" of specialty 5B010200 - "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" under the supervisionof c.p.s., associate professor A.S.Stambekovaand c.p.s. R.O.Assylova took IIplace. Team captain A. Kassymbayeva awarded the diploma "Excellent team leader" and the team was awarded the nomination "The most creative team".

In 2013in Pavlodar (State Pedagogical Institute) conducted Republican Interdisciplinary Contest. Team "Zhetysuzhaukazyndary" of specialty 5B010500 "Defectology" (supervisor senior lecturerZ.M.Issabayeva) took II place.



In 2013 in Turkestan carried Republican Interdisciplinary Contest. Team "Akzhelken" of specialty 5B010200 "Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education" (supervisors c.p.s., associate professor A.S. Stambekova and c.p.s. R.O. Assylova) took III place.

In 2012-2013 under the supervision of c.p.s., associate professor KhaninaN.N.acting project "Formation of communicative abilities of universal learning activities in primary school children through the project activities".The project was awarded a grant by the rector and has been implemented on the basis of №12 school by the studentsof specialty 5B010200 " Pedagogy and methodology of elementary education " MahagonovaN., Nurova A.

By the results of conducted rating of NAC ESM RK "Universities of Kazakhstan, most successfully implement educational programs for bachelor degree specialties" in the 2010-2011 academic year, specialty "Defectology" of ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov took 2nd place.

Academic mobility

At the department implemented a program of academic mobility with foreign countries and the CIS countries.

In particular, students and masterstudents were listened courses of c.p.s., associate professor G.B.Baryshnikova(Yaroslavl State Pedagogical Universitynamed after Ushinsky), c.p.s., professor O.V.Plahotnik (State national Universitynamed afterTaras Shevchenko,Kyiv).

In the 2011-2012 student Bostanova N. trained in KazNPUnamed after. Abaiby the academic mobility. In turn, students Tsivileva K. and T. Bekzhanova (Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after Ushinsky) trained in named after I.Zhansugurov.

In the 2012-2013 students from Yaroslavl State Pedagogical Universitynamed after UshinskyE. Morozova, E. Nasupkina trained at the department of education and training. Students Chmaeva Zh., Kemelbek N., Salimbayeva A. trained in Taraz State Pedagogical Institute.

In 2013-2014 bythe academic mobility students Maslova S., Novikova O., ZubolomovaV., Sukonina N. (Yaroslavl State Pedagogical Universitynamed afterUshinsky) trained in ZhSU named afterI.Zhansugurov.

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