Oxikbayev Berikzhan  - сandidate biological science, of associate professor

Highly qualified staff work in the Department of Natural Sciences Disciplines (9 Candidates of Science, 10 Masters, 4 Senior Teachers,  5 Associate Professors)

level degree in the department 50

The faculty of the Department is the main resource of the academic process. They have valuable knowledge and understanding of the teaching subject as well as required skills and experience for efficient transfer of knowledge to students within the academic process.

The Department annually improves its staff potential. For instance, the qualitative staff of the faculty of the delivering Department in 2009-2010  was 43% with academic degrees and titles, in average in 2010-2011 it estimated  43%,  in 2011-2012 academic year – 52%, in 2012-2013 academic year – 53%,  in 2013-2014 academic year – 53%.   

The aim of educational programs

is in training of high qualified specialists who are in demand in the labor market and who also possess high level of professional, moral qualities of the person in the conditions of integration into the world educational , scientific and information community.

The provision of disciplines of the educational program on specialties of baccalaureate is created:  by discussion and approval the faculty’s teaching and methodic course books, learning aids and electronic books on the meeting of methodic bureau of the Department; for example, the following textbooks such as electronic multimedia course book “General land ownership”, virtual devices and interactive maps were developed by the Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor E.A. Tokpanov and Senior Teachers S.M.Dyusembinova and A.Sh.Baisakalova (Taldykorgan city,2010), as well as «Methods of application of information and communication technologies» (Taldykorgan, 2012 , monograph), the textbooks of the Candidate of Geographical Sciences, Associate Professor E.A. Tokpanov were published , for example, «Cartography with the basis of topography», (Almaty, «Dauir», 2012), «The principles   of tourism and regional study works» (Astana, «Print», 2013 ), «Geographical fundamentals of tourism development of the Zhetysu Alatau», «Tourist and excursion routs of Taldykorgan region» (Taldykorgan city, 2010, learning aid)

The Department supplied the required balance between the teaching and scientific activity of the teachers who implement educational programs. Therefore in the Department of Natural Disciplines the scientific-research works have been carried out since 2009 on the following directions: «Creation of interactive electronic virtual teaching and methodic complexies on the base of multimedia technologies (for «Geography» specialty)»;  «Geoecological estimation of the influence of tourism and recreation activity on ecosystems of national parks «Altynemel» and «Zhongar Alatau» in the Almaty Region»; «Use of sorbents of the Almaty Region for improvement the quality of potable water».

Training of students in two languages ​​(Kazakh and Russian), full-time and part-time study mode

Priorities in shaping the goals of educational programs in the field are defined taking into account the changing conditions of the socio-economic environment and contribute to the creation and support of an enabling environment for innovation and creativity in teaching training of students of the educational program.

Students have the opportunity to study science and to participate in international, national and regional scientific and practical student conferences and competitions, publish their research in national and international journals, participate in research projects, engage in problematic groups and clubs.

The students have the opportunity to do research and scientific works and to take part in the international, republican and regional scientific and practical conferences and competitions, to publish their scientific researches in domestic and foreign journals,  to participate in scientific projects. In 2009 the 4th year student Molbayev Bakhytzhan for his scientific work «The significance of unique monuments of nature and archeology for development of educational and ecological tourism» was awarded II degree Diploma according to the results of the Republican Contest «The best scientific and research work of the students of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan» in «Geography» nomination. 

In 2013 the 2nd year student Aidarkhanov Ayan won the grant of Akim of the Almaty Region on the amount of 100 000 tenge under the program called «Use of natural adsorbents for cleaning potable and waste water» of problem circles and clubs.

In addition, in 2013 in Pereyaslavl-Khmelnitskiy city (Ukraine), at the International scientific and practical conference «The problems and prospective of the science development at the beginning of the third  millennium»  the joint publications of the Department teachers and students were released: 1) Associate Professor of the Department of Natural Sciences Bagasheva S.S. and the 4th year student Dyusembinova B on the theme: «Spread of flu viruses among the students of Taldykorgan city»; 2) Associate Professor Bakhtaulova A.S. and the 4th year student Sarsembek A. on the theme: «Study of lichens spread in the neighborhood of Taldykorgan city »; 3) Senior Teacher of the Department Akmullayeva A.S. and the 4th year student Bigaliyeva A. on the theme: «Characteristic of water resources of Altyn Emel State national nature park ».

In 2013 the 1st year students Uldakhan Shyngys and Askarbekova Kenzhegul won the grant of the Akim on the theme: «Formation the professional competence of future Biology teachers through landscaping of green gardens and the yard of the University », specialty Biology.

The annual intaking of students is explained by regular vocational guidance work of the faculty of the Department among the schools leavers and colleges graduates of the city and the region.   

100 % of the graduates  are allocated annually to the organizations of education, including the state order.

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