Ph.D., Associate Professor  Zhanatbekova  NazymZhanatbekkyzy is the

head of the Departmentof Computer Science and Informatics teaching methodology.    

Department of "Informatics and computing engineeringwas createdat the  faculty of mathematics andphysicsin1985. The first head ofdepartment was Ph.D., associate professor Ermekov N.T.  Since1991-2009  department was managed by the Ph. D., professor Turmagambetova K.V., senior teacher Nuridenova K.N., Ph. D, associate professor Ualiev N.S., Ph. D., associate professor  Nyssambayev Zh.N., Ph. D.,associate professor  Smagulova L.A., Ph. D., associate professor Baidildinov Т.Zh.

Nowadays there are 13 teachers and 1 support staff   in the department.  Among them there is one doctor of engineering sciences, 5 PhD, 3 associate professors , 6 Master of Education, 1 master's degree of education.

The main purposeof the department:

- effective use ofinformation technology for quality and available education;

- Preparestudents with a high level of knowledge in accordance with the international standard;

- An opportunity touse e-learning tools for the development of creative abilities of students.    

The main directions ofthe department

- scientific -research andinternational relations;

- personnel managementand training;

- providing quality educationin the educational process.

- Thedepartment produces students on speciality 5В011100 Informatics. During  28.09.2011-30.09.2016 speciality  5В011100 - Informatics has a certificate of international accreditation which passed  in accreditation Board of ACQUIN   (Germany).

At this time the head of the departmentis Ph.D., Associate ProfessorZhanatbekova  Nazym  Zhanatbekkyzy.During2001-2004she studied inpostgraduate studies on specialty "Pedagogics” in Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov.In December 2007 she defended her thesison the specialty13.00.01 -General pedagogics, pedagogics and formation history, pedagogy on the theme "Pedagogical conditions of mental development of younger schoolboys means Kazakh folk pedagogy(on the example of lessons of mathematics) ".   

Associate professor Baidildinov Talgat protected candidate's dissertation on specialty13.00.02 -  Theory and methodology of educating to mathematics on thetheme "Increase of efficiency of educating to algebra and beginning of analysis in 10-11 classes of general high school on the basis of the use of the personal computers" in December1997.

Associate professor Mukazhanov Yerkat  protected candidate's dissertation on speciality 01.04.07  -condensed matter physicson thetheme "Effect of heat treatment on the structure and mechanical properties of the alloy» " in December 2007.

Senior teacher Kidirbayeva Galiya Turysbayevna protected candidate's dissertation on specialty 13.00.02 -Theory and methodology of educating and education(informatization  in the system of primary, middle and higher education) on thetheme "Methodology of drawing on an electronic teaching complex in independent activity of colleges(on the example of educating to the informatics) " of students. in February 2010.

Senior teachers UrazovaM. and.KoishibekovaА.became the Rector’s grand of  theUniversity  "Zhas galym-Otanga"  on thetheme: "Creation of informative portal of science department, innovative technology and international connections of the Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov".

The students educated and produced bythedepartment,work as teachers and employees in the most different establishments. Some of them are the workers of department (Zhanatbekova N., Kidirbayeva G.,  Issayeva G. Zabieva K., Urazova M.,  Khaimuldanov Y.,S., Terlikbayeva L.., Zheksembayeva R., Nurgasinova A., Seitpayev M.   andothers).

Further training:

 - Associate professorZhanatbekova N.., senior teacherKhaimuldanov  Y.passed Further trainingin the Kazakh National University  named after Abai (28.05.2012-09.06.2012).

-Ssenior teachers.Urazova M.,.KanapyanovaZ. passed further trainingin the Kazakh National Agrarian university(15.11.2012-27.11.2012).

- Associate professor.ZhanatbekovaN. passed further traininginthecity Dusseldorf   (Germany, 26.11.2012-09.12.2012).

- Associate professor. KoishibekovaА.  passed further traininginthecity Dusseldorf   (Germany, 26.11.2013-06.12.2013).

- The professorial  - teaching staff of department passed educating in National Open Universiity"Intuit" oncourse "Introduction to the informatics", "English"(Moscow).

- The professorial  - teaching staff of department has takena course of seminar "e-government and electronic services"(National of National ICT Holding  "Zerde")

- The professorial  - teaching staff of department participated in the seminar of Thomson Reuters&Scholy Research

-  The professorial  - teaching staff of department mastered the program of teaching seminar "e-learning: forms, methods, technologies”

- The professorial  - teaching staff of department mastered the course of "Smart public administration and e - government"(Czech Republic)

- The professorial teaching staff ofdepartment participatedin the seminar "Preparing students for learning compression"(Kursk, Russia)

Basic direction of activity of department is realization of employments on base disciplines of speciality 5В011100 - "Informatics", and also cycle of obligatory disciplines of course of informatics for all specialities and cycle of electivecourses related to the informatics and informatization of education.

In thedepartment work problem groups: "Ways of the effective use informative  technology in education" (head,associate professor.Zhanatbekova N.),"Analysis of information"(head, associate professor Baidildinov T.), and also circles: "Possibilities of computer graphics"(headKoischibekova A.), "Application programs"(head.Zabieva K.), "Software environment  of Delphі"(headKhaimuldanov Y.), scientific circleof "Feature of organization of extracurricular works oncourse informatics at high school"(head.Urazova M.)

The professorial  - teaching staff  ofthedepartment are written and produced nexttrainingmanuals: Zhanatbekova N."Mental development of junior schoolchildren by facilities of Kazakh folk pedagogics"(trainingaid, 2009); Baidildinov T.  "Introduction to the theory of educating to the informatics" (training aid, 2012);  Zhanatbekova N., Urazova M. ‘Methods of teaching of informatics in primary school’  (tutorial, 2013), Boribekova F., Zhanatbekova N.  «Modern pedagogical technology» (textbook, 2014),  Koishibekova A.   «Database management system» (methodological tutorial, 2014). Baidildinov T.  "Technology and methodologies of educating to the informatics"(electronic textbook, 2013); 

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