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Nurgabyl Duysebek - Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor.

In work Zhetysu State University named afterI.Zhansugurov since 2004 senior lecturer, head of the department. In 2006-2012 Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations. In 2010 he defended his doctoral dissertation at the Kazakh National Universitynamed afterAl-Farabi. D.N.Nurgabyl - the author of more than 100 scientific papers. Under his supervision eight masters of mathematics, two master's of education in the specialty 6M010900 – «Mathematics». He was awarded:

- The Jubilee Medal for the 20-th anniversary of independence R.K.;

- Breast signs "For merits in development of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan";

- "Excellence in Education of the RK";

- Gold Medalof the European Scientific and Industrial Chamber.

He has 4scientific articles published in scientific journals with nonzero citation index (ThomsonReuters).

Under the direction of Doctor of Physico-Mathematical Sciences D.N.Nurgabyl in the 2007 Masters was opened in theMastersZhSU them. I.Zhansugurov.

The Financial-economic Faculty of ZhSU named after  I. Zhansugurov was established in 1989. The faculty has been prepared and issued more than 4,000 specialists in economic specialties during these years,. Among them  are the workers of public services, the banking system, managers and leading specialists of companies and enterprises, PhD.

Our missionis to provide quality and affordable modern education transformed through theoretical knowledge and practical expertise of the faculty.

It has been introducedcredit technology education at the faculty since 2004.

Training is carried outon the basis of the implementation of the guidelines:

  • Intensification is using of technology providing a higher learning outcome;
  • Flexibility (adaptability)is  responsive to the needs of customers and employers;
  • Differentiationand individualizationof instruction;
  • Objectivity of knowledge control.

The senior studentsthe faculty are specialized in different branches based on the basic training. The set of specializations is determined in accordance with the needs of the market and society.

The facultyis continuously working to improve through innovative educational and information and communication technologies.

The Faculty graduateshave a professional political and administrative skill to work in both the public and commercial structures.




Associate dean foracademic and educational work - Master of Economics, senior lecturer in "Finance"

Burnasheva Venera


Associate dean foracademic and career-oriented work - Master of Economics, senior lecturer in "Finance"

Bedelbaeva Asel




The Chairman ofmethodical Bureau of Finance and Economics Faculty is senior teacher of chair “Economics”

Gabdullina Razida Zhaparhanovna




Today's financial and economic faculty is one of the largest faculties of I.Zhansugurov Zhetysu State University which enrolls more than 1,500 students and 60 teachers about teaching on day time and correspondence departments.




 Among them:

Doctor of Science

Candidates of Economic Sciences












Accounting and Auditing





Public administration andmanagement










The total number of PPP faculty is 57 people  including 5 doctors, 14 candidates and one doctor Ph.D.

The PPPfaculty have high ratings from publications in scientific journals, international and national scientific conferences, for the production of manuals and guidelines.

The pride ofthe faculty are teachers who win a grant MES "The best teacher of the university":

- c.e.s., ProfessorBleutaeva KB (2007)

- c.e.s., ProfessorSharipov A.K. (2008)

-c.e.s., Associate Professor GR Baytaeva (2009)

-c.e.s., Associate Professor Toregojina MB (2009)

-c.e.s., professor Smagulov E.Zh. (2010)

-c.e.s., Associate Professor Orazbekuly B. (2010)

-c.e.s., Associate Professor SK Baydybekova (2012)


The teachersof our faculty are widely used modern interactive teaching methods, such as "case studies", brainstorming, group work, discussions, debates, role-playing games, which greatly activates students and, consequently, increases productivity occupations.

The mastery of thethe following measures has brought a senior lecturer in Economics Finance and Economics Faculty Gabdullina Razida Zhaparhanovne (third from left) prize III (third) in the Republican contest "Methodist Year" in 2013.

Between 26.11.13-04.12.13g. teachers FEF - Associate Professor, Tuleshova GB and Master of Economics, Senior Lecturer Burnasheva VR attended the training courses at the International Academy of Management and Technology INTAMT in Duesseldorf Germany. Training program was made up of university teachers and implemented AO NCPK "Orleu."

Further training allowed to acquire additional knowledge in the educational process, the main directions of development of innovations in teaching methods activities and skills within the framework of a combination of theory and practice in the training, which contributes to the economic development of both the region and the state as a whole.

THE MAIN AIM of all teachers of the faculty is the  PREPARATION OF HIGHLY COMPETITIVE specialists who will work conscientiously FOR THE SAKE OF OUR REPUBLIC.



The Department of Economicsis the first Chair of Finance and Economics Faculty provides training in the three degrees of higher education:

- Bachelor

- Master

-Doctorate Ph.D

Head of the Chair is Candidate of EconomicSciences, Associate Professor

Tuleshova Gulnar

At present the chair  of Economics provides training in the following undergraduate majors:


-5B090400“Socio-cultural service"


The chairreceived a license to conduct training in specialty graduate "6M050600-Economy" in 2007.

The chair has  provided thetraining in the specialty 6D050600 “Economy", doctoral Ph.D. since 2009


The chair of "Finance" in 2013 was awarded the diploma of GOLD DEPARTMENT OF RUSSIA of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Head of the Chair is Candidate of Economic Sciencesm professor of RAE

Abdibekov Saken

The chair "Finance" has operated Masters in the specialty 6M050900 - "Finance" (state license with the application number 0137366 AB from 03.02.2010.) Based on the profile (1) and scientific and pedagogical activity (2 years) since 2011.






The chair of Accounting and Auditing is a leader of Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov by the number of teachers-holders of the grant MES "The best teacher of the university."

 Head of the Chair is Candidate of EconomicSciences, associate professor


At presentthe department prepares specialists of the following bachelor degree specialties:

- 5B050800“Accounting and Auditing"


Since 2011  the chair has operated on a Masters in the specialty "6M050800-Accounting and Auditing" (state license with the application number 0137366 AB from 03.02.2010.) based on the profile (1) and scientific and pedagogical direction (2 years).

In2012-2013 uch. year for achievements in educational, methodical, scientific and educational work of the department was awarded the challenge cup The best of the department's financial and economic department.


Department of Public Administration and Management was established relatively recently (in 2010) but, despite this potential of the department assessed as quite high, evidenced by the average age of The PPS is 36 years old, ambitious young ambition and desire of experts continuously improve their professional skills.

Head of the Chair is Candidate of EconomicSciences, associate professor

Baytaeva Gulnara

At the departmenttrains specialists in the following areas of undergraduate:

- 5B051000“State and local government"

-5B050700 ”Management"

-5B051100 “Marketing"  andmagistracy:

- 6М050700 “Management "

- 6М051000 “State and local government"



In allchairs of faculty are organized  the scientific circles and work problematic group of students whose members are actively involved in cultural activities of the university, the development of research projects and took prizes in national competitions and Olympiads. So, in 2009, students of the specialty "5B050600-Economy"  Belenko, Goropah  and Zemlyankin Eugene led by a senior lecturer of economics Gabdullina R.Zh. took first place in the student's subject republican Olympiad.

In 2012,students Zholamanova B.,Saydildina A.and Tarybaeva A.performed with the project "Impact of the Customs Unionon the foreign trade of Kazakhstan"became the owners of the National Bank of scholarshipsin the amount of 443 800t.under theguidance of the supervisor, senior lecturer ofaccounting and auditing Adamov  A.A.

Students Adilbekova A.,Bөkeyhanқyzy A.,Abu Қ. presented the project "Іshkі investitsiyalyқ salymdardy arttyrudaғy kәsіporynnyң esep sayasatynyң rөlі" in 2013at the national competition for the best research work took the third place under the guidance PhD, Professor Sharipov A. Қ.

Students of the specialty 5B050800 “Accounting and Auditing"  AdambekovaZh.,and  AdambekovaA., Serіkқyzy K. took the second place  under the guidance Doctor of Economics, Professor Sharipov A. Қ. in 2013on the Republic an student's subject Olympiad.

Within   the   program  of   student  Entrepreneurship  SIFE,  held   in   May  2013   in Almaty,the   faculty  team   successfully   defended  the   project   "TALENTS   of    ZHETYSU."

The   student   life   is full   of   other interesting  events.

They   can   come   into  membership   in   one   of   the   seven   student   groups   operating   in   the   faculty   economist,  taxman,   banker,  accountant,  manager and traveler.


The  realization   of   I.Zhansugurov   ZhSU  of   the   principles   of   the   BolognaConvention  caused   the   need   for   academic   mobility   of   students   in   connection   with   which   the   financial   and   economic  faculty   in   the   2012-2013  academic   year,  the students   were   sent    Chizhegov   A.   of   the    specialty  5B050800“Accounting   and Auditing" to  the  University  of  Warsaw  (Poland)andA.Dosymbekova  to  the  Technical University(Latvia)  for  the  accumulation  of theoretical  knowledge  and  practical  experienceof  foreign  colleagues.

The students the specialty5V050900"Finance" (Imanbekova Aizhan, Abildayev Adil, Kadyrova  Faina) and undergraduates of  the specialty6M050900"Finance" Serik Kanapiyanov, Zakiruly Olzhas are trained in Budapest (Hungary)and Prague(Czech Republic) fromSeptember 20, 2013.

The financial and economic faculty of ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov cooperates actively with the University of Zurich (Switzerland), University of the West of England, Bristol, MSU. University, the University of Warsaw (Poland), University of Craiova (Romania), University of Belgrade (Serbia), People's Friendship University (Moscow), with the Malaysian University of Science and Management and Saratov State Socio-Economic University (SSSEU) on foreign academic mobility.


The bachelors of  economic specialties have the opportunity to continue their education on the financial and economic faculty of the following specialties graduate research and teaching and profile directions:

- 6M050600“Economy"

- 6M050900“Finance"

- 6M050800“Accounting and Auditing"

- 6M050700 “ Management"

-6M051000“Stateand localmanagement"

The educational program of the Financial and Economic department Magistracy of research and teaching and profile directions contains:

1.The oretical training including study of the cycle of basic disciplines and profile, in the course of study which undergraduates acquire in-depth knowledge of the student specialties.

2. Practical training for undergraduates (teaching, research and industrial practices) which purpose is to transform the received graduate training in the theoretical knowledge and skills;

3. Research and experimental research, including the execution of a thesis.

A common purposeof the educational program of Magistracy financial-economic department of  I.Zhansugurov ZhSU is the preparation of scientific, pedagogical and administrative staff to ensure, in accordance with the Message of President Nursultan Nazarbayev qualitative growth of human capital in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The graduatesof Magistracy financial and economic department ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov should have abilities and skills of research, the introduction of its research into the industry and successfully use the knowledge gained in the process of social adaptation.

The program ofMasters Course of Finance and Economics Faculty of scientific and pedagogical DIRECTIONS envisages the foreign scientific training.

From year to yearthe undergraduates of faculty are sent to the country and abroad in order to consolidate the theoretical knowledge acquired in the walls of the university and the formation of practical skills.

The Financial andEconomic Department together with the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Retraining (IPE and R) in the implementation of international relations in the Saratov State Socio-Economic University (SSSEU, Russia) was sent to a group of undergraduates the specialty "6M050600-Economy" (Azhibekova Gulshat, Gadzhiev Rustam, Gadzhiev Farrukh) in the 2010-2011 school year for the first time.

Inthe 2011-2012 academic year undergraduates the specialty 6M050900“Finance" -Assanova Zh.,Syzdykbaeva N., Alimkhanova M., Babash D., Bazilbekova Shynar trained at the Russian Peoples' Friendship University (University). They attended the course "Modern trends in the development of professional competencies of future professionals in the field of Economics and Law" of 72 academic hours (certificate № 12-05-1/243).

In the2012-2013 school year under the agreement between the parties intercollegiate second-year undergraduates specialties:

6M050900“Finance" - Rymkul N., Aldabergenova A., Kanapiyanov S., Asaubaev M., ҚazbekD., Taldybaeva Z., Zakiruly O.,

6M050800“Accounting and Auditing" - Esimkulova Z. and Nurbekova AG

6M051000“ State and local management" - Sayfulina V. were trained in the  Malaysian University of Science and Management.

The result of the tripwas to obtain graduate certificates from the program coordinator of scientific training in the framework of international cooperation of universities.

The second group of undergraduates of financial and economic department 6M050900  "Finance" of research and teaching areas (Nusupbaeva A. and Bazilbekova Sh.) studied at the University of Warsaw (Poland) in the 2012-2013 school year. Undergraduates studying disciplines:

- International Economic Geography

- International Finance

- International Labour  Migration

- International Trade Policy

- Theory of Finance

and attended lectures on the subjects:

-Importance and Benefits of communications

-Talking in different situations

- Communicationin the Workplace

- Communication with Difficult People

- Implications for language learning

In the2013-2014 academic year, graduate faculty (Beysenbaeva B. Serіkқyzy K Konysbaeva GB and Akhmetzhanov) was held research fellow at the University of Fatih (Istanbul, Turkey). 

These events are the result of the continuous work of the staff to deepen and broaden the range of master's programs of the Faculty.


In totalthe faculty prepares students for nine bachelor degree specialties, five master specialties and one (1) specialty doctoral Ph.D.

Graduates of Finance and Economics Faculty ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov successfully employed in various sectors of the economy:

-The field of education (universities, colleges);

-Financial - banking sector (banks, the Treasury, the financial police, tax authorities);

- Public authorities(governorates, ministries, law enforcement agencies);

-Academy of Public Administration under the President.

The modern material and technical base equipped with rich fund classroom, computer classes, the audience with interactive whiteboards, library materials, etc. which is fully consistent force in the Republic of sanitary norms and rules of the organization of education and science in higher education institutions and have strengthened every year.

Thus, the financial-economic faculty of I.Zhansugurov ZhSU is  the largest scientific and educational center of Zhetysu region, which is in constant search the WAYS TO IMPLEMENT THE STUDENTS TALENT DEVELOPMENT their intellectual and creative POTETSIALA.

WEWAIT FOR YOU TO: Almaty region., Taldykorgan, ZhANSUGUROV str. 187 / A, the  3 floor of Building "A".

Responsible forimage policy of the Faculty - Master of Economics, lecturer in accounting and auditing Gajiyev F.A.

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