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Faculty of culture and art was founded 
Tolamisov Amangeldy Gabdylkarimovich
Tolamisov Amangeldy Gabdylkarimovich Since 2001 he had been working as a vice-dean, 2012 –dean of Humanities faculty and now he is a dean of Art and culture faculty
Faculty of culture and art was founded in 1988, in 2006 it was reorganized as faculty of natural sciences and physical culture, in 2008 it was transformed into faculty of culture and art. Faculty of culture and art is an educational subdivision of university, activity of which is regulated in accordance with acting legislation, the Charter of Zhetysu State University. At present time there are 987 full and part time students study at the faculty on 4 specialties: "Basic military training", "Physical education and sport", "Visual art and drawing", "Design". In subdivision of the faculty there are three cathedrarae: they are cathedra of "Basic military training", cathedra of  "Physical education and sport" and cathedra of"Visual art , drawing and Design.  43lecturers work at the faculty: 5of them are Ph.D., 5professors, 8candidates of science, 12 associate professors, 24senior lecturers and 14of them hold Masters Degree.

The faculty is equipped with special rooms for conducting both theoretical and practical lectures on basic military training, painting, drawing and design, shooting gallery, drill ground and steeplechase for practical classes. There are some rooms for holding lectures and practical classes on such studies as “Basics of safety» and “Emergency and civil defense”, two gyms, a gym apparatus hall, gymnastics hall, hall for wrestling, hall for boxing, stadium with standard football field, sectors for long jumping, bomb throwing, running path and summer camp “Kulager” which is situated on Balkhash lake and tourist base “Karlygash” for 100 persons situated in Karabulak village.

Great attention is paid to sport- healthy work, social activity and high morality. All these are realized with the help of conducting arrangements such as competitions, amateur arts festivals, meeting with interesting people of science, sport and art. Research is directed to study actual human, social, economical, natural and technical problems of our state in the field of culture and art and in our region:

Adoption of own and involved results of creative and research works  into educational process;

Development of creative and  of research work of students through organization joint arrangements, exhibitions, master classes with  near abroad universities, schools, main trainings and creative institutions and founds;

Generalization of advanced university experience in creative and pedagogical scientific work ;

Study level of physical development and activity of primary and secondary school pupils;

Innovational and creative technology of healthy saving system in physical training of secondary school pupils and students of higher education.

Pedagogical circumstances of upbringing kazakstani  patriotism in secondary schools;

Monitoring of physical state of military servants and sportsmen during loading.

The president of Republic of Kazakhstan Nurultan Nazarbayev in strategy “Kazakhstan-2030” determined a goal of kazakhsnani patriotism as one of the primary task from seven long-term priorities of the republic. It should be noted that scientific tendencies elected by the faculty are accorded with tendencies of upbringing work, on which our president, Ministry of Education and Science, chancellor of Zhetysu Stete-University pay great attention to:

  • Upbringing of Kazakhstani patriotism;
  • Strengthening of international relationships;
  • Relation to religion;
  • Protection from  delinquency
  • Development of spiritual values.

Our faculty is proud of lecturers and students who at different times were winners in international and republic competitions and champions of various sport rings of Republic of Kazakhstan, Asia, world and Olympic Games.For twenty- five year period the faculty has been trained more than thousand specialists on higher pedagogical education. Lots of our graduates fruitfully work as in the system of education, culture and sport so in the fields of state safety, inner matters,  armed forces, customs and other fields of social life and not only in Kazakhstan but abroad as well.According to results of rating made by national accreditation centre of Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Kazakhstan specialties as “Basic military training” took 3d  place and “Physical culture and sport” took 6th  place among universities within Kazakhstan, which realize more successfully their educational programs of   under-graduate studies.


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