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1. News and announcements

2. General information

Physics and Mathematics Faculty was formed in 1973 in Taldykorgan Pedagogical Institute and it is one of the major departments of Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov.

From the moment of opening the faculty constantly develops. In recent years there is a significant increase in growth of number of students. Also considerably the number of research projects increased and constantly the material base of faculty extends. Students get quality education in the chosen directions and have an opportunity to be engaged in research work. Today there were possible achievements of faculty thanks to laborious work of our teachers

According to time requirements the staff of physical and mathematical faculty is faced by tasks about further increase of learning efficiency and scientific researches. The faculty has enough potential for performance of these tasks.

Main purpose– training of highly qualified specialists in the field of fundamental sciences.

Our mission – training of highly qualified, competitive and professional and competent specialists in the field of fundamental sciences.

3. Faculty administration

Dean of Physics and Mathematics Faculty

Kydyrbayeva Galiya Turysbayevna

Candidate of pedagogical science

Tel.:    8 728 225 46 81    add. 2233

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




The deputy dean for Teaching and educational work Zhienbayev J.T. candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior teacher of chair of Information technologies

The deputy dean on scientific and professional orientation work Haymuldanov E.S., master, senior teacher of department of Informatics and MTI

4. Educational and methodical activity

At faculty functions four chairs:

  • The departmentof mathematics and mathematics teaching methods
  • Department of Physicsand Methods of Teaching Physics 
  • Department ofInformation Technologies
  • The departmentof Informatics and of Informatics teaching methods
Specialties of Physics and Mathematics faculty: "Mathematics", "Physics", "Computer science" and "Information Systems" are bachelor’s and master's degree, "Mathematics", "Computer science" the first in the country among the pedagogical specialties have been accredited by ACQUIN - Accreditation, Certification and Quality Assurance Institute, (Germany) in 2011.





The present stage at faculty teaches 55 teachers and professors:

• Doctors of science – 7

• Candidates of science– 20

• masters (masters of pedagogical sciences, masters of education) – 29

Faculty for the work period has trained more than 10,000 professionals with a degree in "Mathematics", "Physics", "Mathematics and Physics", "Physics and Applied Mathematics", "Mathematics and Computer Science", "Physics and Computer Science", "Applied Mathematics", "Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry", "Information Systems."


At the facultyactivelybeing publisheda student newspaper"Bіlіmger." Studentsare engaged inthe publicationof the newspaper. In the newspaperevery studentof faculty,university canwrite an article.


The electronic hall in library is connected to the Internet. 

Students of faculty actively participate in city actions and community work days.  And also our students are leaders of the stock "self-government" which is carried out within university.  Every year the faculty holds the sports fascinating competitions "Cheerful Starts" among teachers of university.

5 . Research activity

Leading scientists of faculty participate in performance of the budgetary basic scientific researches. On the basis of grant financing of scientific researches works on scientific projects for 2011-2014 are conducted. "The comparative analysis and monitoring of pollution of atmospheric air, soils, waters in an anthropogenic violation buffer zone in the conditions of Zhongar-Alatau reserved mode, Altynemel National Natural Park", for 2012-2014. "Research of adaptive methods of creation of test systems with the subsequent design of multipurpose adaptive system testing online", "Research of physical and chemical regularities of salt formation of water of Lake Balkhash and influence on it of the river Ili", "Research of the solution of regional tasks for systems of the differential equations, is singular the indignant regional tasks for the ordinary and Integra-differential equations", the customer and a financing source, the program of basic researches of Institute of mathematics and mechanics KNSU named al-Farabi, "Introduction of system of electronic training in the organizations of secondary and technical professional education", the customer and a financing source, the program of basic researches of the National center of information.

Scientific circles of students work at all chairs of faculty. Scientific projects of students and members of a circle participate in republican competitions and take prizes. At faculty in educational process 5 computer, 9 specialized educational laboratories are used: from them 7 laboratories physics, 1 laboratory "Mathematics and mathematical education", 1-virtual educational laboratory. Modern devices and the equipment are installed in laboratories.

At faculty, generally train experts for education. Therefore the faculty holds close connection with schools of the regional center and rural schools, areas which, is generally carried out through scientific consultants, teachers and during training of pupils for small academies, judges of the Olympic Games and scientific projects, the teachers who are carrying out professional orientation work at different schools of the regional center and areas.

6. International activity

The faculty carries out close scientific cooperation with domestic and foreign higher educational institutions, branch research institutes of national academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

- NPU named of Abay;

- KNSU named of al-Farabi;

- KNTU named K.I. Satpayeva;

- Pedagogical research institute of I. Altynsarin;

- Physics and technology institute named of Ioffe;

- Russian Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg);

- Institute of mathematics of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Novosibirsk);

- Novosibirsk State Technical University;

-  The Kiev State University of T. Shevchenko (Ukraine);

- Technical University of Lodz (Republic of Poland);

- International Akademie fϋr Management und Technologie (Germany);

- St. Petersburg State Institute of psychology and social work (Russia);

- Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (Czech Republic);

- Technical Institute of Athena (Greece);

- Southwest State University (Russia, Kursk);

- Riga Technical University (Latvia).

7. Academic activity

On the academic mobility students of faculty are trained in the leading higher educational institutions of our country, and also near and far abroad.

On external academic mobility in foreign countries the following students were trained: S. Khanin, specialty 5B011100 - "Informatics", Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland, Warsaw), S. Konakbayeva, specialty 5B011000 - "Physics", the Riga Technical University (Latvia, Riga), S. Erengayypov, specialty 5B070300 - "Information systems", Czech University of Science (the Czech Republic, Prague), the student of 1 course from Pennsylvania, Steyt Yuniversiti (PennsylvaniaStateuniversity) which is trained for the specialties "Electric Engineering with Concentration of Telecommunications" Dagilova Camilla, studied the course "Higher mathematics" and received a transcript. On internal academic mobility there passed куср training students of the Kazakh state women's pedagogical university of A. Nurtaskyza, G. Kenesbek in "Information systems"; the student of the specialty "Informatics" D. Aldabergenov was trained at the Pavlodar state teacher training college, the student of the specialty "Mathematics" E.Minali - at Tarazsky state university of M.Kh.Dulati.

In new 2014-2015 academic year training on the academic mobility of students of specialty "Information Systems"  ISS 311 group of Slyamkyza, ISS 211 Abzhakov A. and Kabdualiyev D. Chezh Agrotechnical University (Czech Republic), the specialty"Physics" of FKzgroup 411 Kuatbek A. (USA) is planning.


Within the academic mobility professors, the doctor of science of foreign countries give lectures to students and undergraduates: The Kiev State University named  T. Shevchenko c.f.-M.Sc., professor A.N.Stanzhitsky, PhD’s, professor Plakhotnik O. V., Czech University of Life Sciences Prague - PhD  Milos Ullman, South-west State University (Russia, Kursk) c.f.-m M.Sc. 


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