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The chief administrator of the academic and methodological department
Kalzhanova Gulmira Kenesovna
holds a master’s degree in the physical and mathematical sciences
        The academic and methodological department is a structural division of Zhetisu State University.

The main goals of the academic and methodical department are:
  • planning and organization of the educational process (together with the dean's offices);
  • coordination of faculty’s work, departments and other divisions of the university regarding the maintenance of the educational process;
  • the account, distribution and the control of an academic load of the departments;
  • maintaining the documentation and preparation of accounting data of the university regarding educational questions;
  • the negotiation of contracts between schools and the department for the purpose of organizing teaching practice for university students;
  • the control of the organization and carrying out of all types of teaching practices including observations and classroom instruction in schools by the university students;
  • working out and drawing up of instructive materials for the improvement of educational process;
  • the coordination of educational documentation with the established standard base and the control over observance of the established norms;
  • regulation of staff dynamics of the faculty;
  • the organization of educational process maintenance with information materials;
  • the organization of seminars for the improvement of the educational process;
  • the control over the organization and performance of methodological work of the department and faculty.
          The chief administrator of the academic and methodological department, Kalzhanova Gulmira Kenesovna, holds a master’s degree in the physical and mathematical sciences. The methodological sector is headed by Kaimuldina Sholpan Saduovna. The educational sector is headed by Terlikbaeva Lyayla Zhumagalievna. The main administrator and instructor is Eskendirov Bakhitzhan Nurserikovich. The attendance administrators for the students are Shaganbaeva Maya Dubekovna and Nysanbaeva Indira Koishibekovna, academic administrators are Muratbekova Dinara Erbosinovna, Togisbaeva Nurgul.
Organizational Structure of the Academic and Methodological Department

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