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The department of planning and public procurements is guided in accordance with law No. №303 – III ,  July 21, 2007 of the Republic of Kazakhstan legislation “On  public procurements

Head of the department: Amirova Raikhan Azimbayevna

The office structure:

1)    Head of the department

2)    Economist

3)    Expert

4)    Specialist 

Working sphere of the department of planning and public procurements

Strategic goal of the department: Стратегическаяцельотдела

1. Arranging  optimalconditions  for professors’ and students’ work.  As well as supplying professors and students with the necessary laboratory devices, furniture, technical equipments, educational materials, sport equipments and replenishment of library stock, carrying repair and decoration work.

2.  Development the university base with teaching and laboratory facilities for the improvement of the scientific research work quality. Purchase of teaching and language laboratories. Purchase of tables, chairs, shelves, racks, beds, kitchen tables, desks and chairs and bedside-tables and other necessary furniture.

3. Development of teaching technical aids. Purchase of computers, printers, copiers, scanners, interactive boards, laptops, server cabinets, touch tabs, software and service-maintenance of fixed assets.

4.  Ensuring lecturers’ and students’ access to the scientific and technical information about modern achievements of world and national science, renovation of library stock, literature purchase in general education, natural sciences, humanities, for college in engineering sciences and technology, in education specialties, law and jurisprudence, art, science and business.

5. Providing good conditions for the lecturers’ and students’ creative development, holding decoration and repair of buildings, campuses and their territory, classes, sports halls, libraries, stadiums.

The activity goals and key tasks of the department ofplanning and public procurements are

·  to develop basic University  Policy directions in the field of public procurements

·  to supply effective planning, organization, and realizing the public procurements of goods, works and services.

·  to control and give analysis to optimal and effective use of material and other  University values

·  to offer University interests to organizations and individuals in the process of public procurements

The main functions of the department of planning and public procurements are:

-     processing applications of structural subdivisions on material needs;

-     participation in development the perspective plan the appropriate financial year;

-     development and submission to approve the public procurements plan for the appropriate financial year;

-     conducting public procurements procedures  in accordance with Kazakhstan legislation on public procurements

-     to control  carrying out the contract terms, having done with the university in the process of realization the public procurements

-     Maintaining documentation on the department of planning and public procurements, realization the control of law  obedience  in accordance with Kazakhstan legislation on  state/public procurements

The department of planning and public procurements follows  the responsibilities, which are

- developing preparation procedures to conduct  public procurements

- developing tender documents as well as the appendixes on conducting public procurements

- Customizing the public procurements documents on web portal and on university internet.

- developing and making contracts to align realizing public procurements

- maintaining a register of contracts on web portal of the  public procurement;

- maintenance of registers of potential suppliers, having received the tender documentation, submitted an application, written invitations to potential suppliers received price offers and etc.

Strategic activity direction of the department deals with the development  of material and technical base of the university

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