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In 2013, the Department of Geography and Environmental renamed the Department of technical disciplines and is part of the natural- technical faculty . Currently , the department has 14 members , of whom - Professor -1 , 1 associate professors, PhDs-5 , 5-MSc , Senior Lecturer 2. Department of technical disciplines currently manages Ph.D., associate professor J Kanagatov.

At the department of technical disciplines conducted scientific research in the following areas: -sravnitelny analysis and monitoring of pollution of soil, water and air in a reserve status SSPE Altyn-Emel; -analysis and monitoring of pollution of soil, water and air in a reserve status and the status of biodiversity SSPE Zhongar - Tau. -geoekologicheskaya assessment of the impact of tourism and recreational activities on the ecosystems of national parks "Altynemel" and "Zhongarsky Alatau" in Almaty region; -Application sorbents Almaty region in improving water quality. To carry out practices of the Department contracts with the organizations and agencies of the city Shymkent and Almaty region as bases practices: Department of Ecology in Almaty region, SNNP "Zhongar Alatau" SPE "Altynemel" forestry Taldykorgan, a subsidiary of the Republican Centre of Agrochemical Service Service Southeast Region, JSC "Қaynar", JSC "Asia-Electric" problem laboratory of ecological and genetic studies, "Balkhash-Alakol Department of Environmental Protection", a subsidiary of Kazhydromet, Department of Emergency Almaty region, AO Nat . JixiTaldykorgan.

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