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Mobility of teaching staff can be considered the second most important form of internationalization of higher education, which is currently actively developing in our University.

So, in the development of international relations of the University and implementation of joint educational programs, Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov invited the leading scientist of the Yaroslavl State pedagogical University. K.D. Ushinsky - Baryshnikova Galina Borisovna, which from December 3, 2013 reads courses of lectures on «Innovations in education», «Childhood and society» for the students, postgraduates and teachers of the faculty of pedagogycs and psychology.

In 1997, under the scientific supervision B.T. Likhachev, G.B. Baryshnikova defended her thesis at the Russian Academy of education (Institute for the development of personality) on the theme «Cognitive and practical activities in the nature as the factor of a person younger pupils».

Currently G.B. Baryshnikova works in YSPU named after К.D. Ushinsky at the faculty of «Pedagogycs and psychology of primary education», reads lectures on 19 academic disciplines at undergraduate and master's degree, leads a bachelor works and master's dissertations. Field of scientific interest of Galina Borisovna - «System of formation of ecological culture of the students».

In 2010, G.B. Baryshnikova became the winner of the International competition of projects on environmental issues.

G.B. Baryshnikova is the author of over 100 publications (scientific articles, educational and methodical manuals, books). The most significant of them are: «Our green planet», «Everyday life and holidays in children's health camp», «Psychological and pedagogical theory and technology of primary education», «Theory and methods of training of Junior schoolchildren», «Organization of summer pedagogical practice», «Organization and conducting of self-pedagogical disciplines», «Pedagogics of leisure activities», etc.

Galina Borisovna Baryshnikova - scientist with a huge intellectual baggage, very bright creative person, striving for continuous improvement. We hope for further fruitful cooperation!

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