Natural and technical ability was created 2012 in ZHGU.

Dean of Natural science and technique Faculty

Andasbayev Erlan Suleimenovich

Ph.D., professor, Academic of the International Academy of Informatization, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Science


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In management of Butenov A.K. ability. - the representative of the dean at educational and methodical work, The deputy dean on scientific and professional orientation workIssabaev A.T., master, teacher of department of natural sciences

The structure of ability includes 3 chairs: "vocational training", "Technical disciplines", "Natural disciplines". All releasing chairs.

Head of department "Natural disciplines" Candidate of Biology, Oksikbaev B.Kteacher of A.D of the senior. Chair "Geography", 5V011200 "Chemistry", 5V011300 "Biology" carries out preparation of bachelors in 5V011600;

Head of department "Technical disciplines" Candidate of Biology, associate professor Kanagatov of Zh. Zh. The chair carries out preparation of bachelors to specialties 5B060800 – "Ecology", 5V073100 Environmental protection and health and safety, 5B073200 – "Standardization, metrology and the certificate".

Head of department candidate of "Vocational training" of the physicist of mathematical sciences, associate professor Rakhimbekov А.Жа. The chair carries out preparation of bachelors and owners in 5B012000 "Vocational training".

Graduates of our ability can work in public institutions, at schools, in departments of the private companies and the organizations.

The structure of ability includes 3 chairs: "vocational training", "Technical disciplines", "Natural disciplines". All releasing chairs.

The purpose of educational programs is to prepare highly qualified specialists in demand on the labor market with a high level of professional and moral qualities of the person in terms of integration into the world educational, scientific and community information.

Our mission - training of highly qualified, competitive and professional and competent professionals in the field of natural and technical sciences.


The total number of teaching staff - 51 people:

Doctor of Science - 1

PhD - (k.b.n., Ph.D., Ph.D., PhD.) - 24

Master (Master of Education, Master of Education) -21

senior teachers - 5

On a faculty teachers scientifically bit 50%.

Research activities

At the faculty in the field for three y

ears conducted research work in the implementation of basic and applied research in the priority areas of the Republic of Kazakhstan for research and innovation:

1. Grant the MES project at 2012-2014 "Investigation of physical and chemical laws salt formation water of Lake Balkhash and the influence of the Ili River." Responsibility Executive Dzhetimov M.A

  2. Grant the MES project at 2012-2014 "Development of methods of professional selection and monitoring of psychophysiological state of highly skilled athletes." Head Dzhankuldukova A.D

3. In 2012, the department won a grant of "Innovation" grant university rector  "Grasshopper (fauna, ecology, harmfulness) on edge area of Almatyand to perfect with them measures of fight (for "Biology"). Head Akmullaeva A.S

4. Investigation of the effect on human health of biologically active substances in therapeutic mud deposits in Kossor Alakul cavity. Head Tokpanov E.A

5. Investigation of the biological diversity of plants and animals Semirechie. Teachers of the department perform a section on the study of the environmental assessment of the impact of industrial pollutants on environmental components.

6. Comparative analysis and monitoring of pollution of soil, water and air in a reserve status SSPE Altyn Emel.

7.Analiz and monitoring of pollution of soil, water and air in a reserve status and the status of biodiversity SSPE Zhongar – Alatau

8. Geoecological assessment of the impact of tourism and recreational activities on the ecosystems of national parks "Altynemel" and "Zhongarsky Alatau" in Almaty region;

9. The use of sorbents Almaty region in improving water quality.

In all departments of the faculty are working student scientific circles. Research projects of students and members of the group, participate in national competitions and win prizes. In the spring of 2014, the Republican student subject Olympiad prize-winning second place under the leadership of Senior Lecturer., Dzhetimov M.A taken by the students specialty "Chemistry". At the faculty in the educational process used 7 specialized training laboratories. In laboratories equipped with modern appliances and equipment.

International activities

The faculty maintains close scientific cooperation with domestic and foreign Universities s, industrial research institutes; NPU Abay; The al-Farabi; University of Warsaw (Poland); University of Latvia (Latvia); Agro - Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic);

academic activities

By academic mobility of students enrolled in the faculty of leading universities of the country's and the near and far abroad. On the external academic mobility in foreign countries were trained following students: Dinislan D., specialty 5V073100- "Environment and Safety" (Czech Republic, Prague), A. Shoybekova, specialty-5V011300- "Biology" (Poland, Warsaw) , 3rd year student. Internal academic mobility were trained students of Pavlodar State Pedagogical University Kakenova A., A. Darivhan specialty "Biology". In the new 2014-2015 school year scheduled training on academic mobility of students majoring in "Biology" group 311- 4 students, Sofia University (Bulgaria). As part of the academic mobility of professors, doctors abroad lecturing students and undergraduates: University of Latvia, Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy Dr., Professor Atis Azarov Skudra


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