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Head of the office: Amirova Raykhan Azimbayevna

Telephone: 8(7282) 22 – 00 – 66, 22 – 08 – 67

E – mail: goszakup@vuz-


Technical production department

Chief of department

Civil defense and emergency situations staff`s chief

Major maintenance engineer

Energy  engineer



Medical assistant




Cleaners of service premises

Workers on service of buildings

Linen keeper

Cloakroom attendants

Yard keepers



Department of planning and procurements

1) Head of the depatment

2) Economist

3) Leading specialist

4) Lawyer


Security service department

Head of the department



            Department`s main objectives

- development of the main directions of policy of University in the sphere of public procurements;

- ensuring efficiency of planning, organization and implementation of public procurements of  goods, works and services;

- the organization of material providing  of educational process at university;

- developing and expanding of industrial practice objects, inhabited and social appointment`s material resources

- control of using legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan by structural divisions of University;

- control and analysis of optimum and effective use material and other values of University;

  - ensuring protection commodity material values, property and money of ZSU, accepted under protection according to the List of protected property and takes measures to its savings, including force-majeur circumstances;

- implementation on objects a throughput mode, monitoring of import and export of commodity material values;

 - implementation of operational service of devices of the security alarm system, a communication system and taking measures to elimination of malfunctions in technically possible terms;

- implementation of actions for safety measures and labor protection and fire safety in university divisions;

- the organization and control of conditions of accommodation in hostels of students and employees;

- representation of interests of University in the relations with state authorities, other organizations and individuals;

- forecasting of a condition and management of the processes directed on improvement of work of the center of development of infrastructure of university;

- the interaction organization with other structural divisions with a view of providing a production activity of University;

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