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The mission of Library and Information Center of the University (LIC) is to support and develop funds and services aimed on current and future information needs of the university society in teaching and  research fields.

Head of LIC is Murygina Svetlana Ivanovna

The Library and Information center was founded in September 1, 2014. It includes three departments, which are the Library, the Publication department and the Museum.

In order to make the library and information resources maximally adjusted to the needs of students and teaching staff the library performs work of three functional sectors: scientific literature acquisition and processing sector, sector of reference and bibliography work and of library processes automation, sector of service.

Electronic catalogue is used for searching books, periodical publications, videos and CD in Kazakh, English and Russian languages. Catalogue provides user with the possibility to select a list of necessary literature.

Publishing department: prepress preparation and operative sectors, museum.

In order to make the library and information resources maximally adjusted to the needs of students and teaching staff the library forms a fund of publications in modern European, Eastern, Slavic and other languages in such areas as economics and management, engineering and applied science, education, social studies, political science and international relations, jurisprudence, art and literature. Currently, more that 75% of the fund consists of publications in English language. 

The LIC University has an extensive reference collection, including monolingual and bilingual encyclopedias, dictionaries, and reference books. Besides traditional methods of literature acquisition, library is regularly supplemented by resource support in form of various grants. Library welcomes offers of literature donation as a source of acquisition.

Free access to the electronic version of the database is opened from any computer, included in the network of the University.

Publishing is one of the prioritized areas for the university. Publishing is carried out at the University by the publishing department, which is a structural subdivision of the University, the purpose of which is to implement publishing functions of the university at a professional level.

The main task of the department is an organization and publishing of scientific, educational and methodical literature, as well as the production of other publications, according to the goals and objectives of the university as an institution of higher education.

The basis of publishing activities is a thematic planning of edition of the necessary educational literature in accordance with the perspective plan of university publishing activities. Planning for publishing at the University is based on the preparation plans for the educational literature publication of the university departments for the current academic year.  Publishing activities of departments planning is based on an accurate analysis of curriculum and each discipline security with necessary educational literature and taking into account the number of students.

Today publishing department has sufficient technical capability and creativity.  Today, the entire process of creating printed products is maintained at the university.

Department is provided with modern equipment of the Dutch OCE company, Oce Varioprint 6160. This equipment is designed for high-speed monochrome digital printing of books and brochures, print speed is 160 pages per minute. The uniqueness of digital printing is the ability to implement a full range of prepress preparation, high-quality digital printing and postprinted material processes.

Today, the entire process of creating printed products is maintained at the university.

Highly qualified and efficient educational and scientific activities of the University are impossible without reliable publishing support.  The center staff’s efforts are aimed at to improve the quality of our products.

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