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Scientific and research activity focused on the development of the University of Education, Culture and applied science by conducting basic and applied research. Organization and conduct of research in the university office carries science and commercialization of innovative technologies.

The research work of the university is based on basic and applied research and is aimed at the development of education, culture and science, carried out by means of grants, public funding and contract basis.Each year the faculty of the University are involved in the implementation of the budget for basic scientific research in various areas, including in the framework of the competition of scientific, technical projects grant funding of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, the scientists of the University are the executors and accomplices in carrying out research projects of other universities and Kazakh Research Institute of Economy and agriculture and rural development ("Kazakh Research Institute of Economy and agriculture and rural development"; Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, Kazakh National Technical University KISatpayev):

  1. "Development of environmental-economic evaluation of the use of innovative technologies in irrigated agriculture" Limited Responsibility "Kazakh Research Institute of Economy and agriculture and rural development"- Coauthors: Kantureyev M.T. .; Kaldiyarov D.A. .; Baytaeva G.R. .; Sharipov A.K.
  2. "The decision of new mathematical methods of nonlinear differential and integro-differential equations of fundamental and applied problems of mechanics of rigid and deformable solids" - RSE "Kazakh National Technical University KISatpayev" - coauthor Kalzhanova G.K.
  3. "Problems of legal regulation of food safety in the Republic of Kazakhstan" - "Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi" - coauthor Erkinbaeva L.K.
  4. "Collection, systematization and publication of traditional ethnographic heritage of the Kazakh people" - "Al-Farabi University" - Subcontractor Baygabatova NK
  5. Traditional culture of the Kazakh people" - "Institute of History and Ethnology im.Ch.Ch. Valikhanova" - Subcontractor Baygabatova NK
  6. "Culture of the Kazakh Diaspora in the modern era: traditional foundations and ongoing innovation (for example, ethnic groups in China and Mongolia)" - "Institute of History and Ethnology. Cc Valikhanova. " - Subcontractor Baygabatova N.K.

University teachers annually participate in competitions for international, national and other grants.

Преподаватели университета ежегодно принимают участие в конкурсах на получение международных, республиканских и других грантов. Grant holder Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best University Teacher" 2013. were::

  1. Candidate of Law, Docent Seriev B.A.
  2. Candidate of Economics, Docent Abdibekov SU

Grant holder Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Best University Teacher" 2014. were::

  1. Doctor of Law, Professor Dusipov E.Sh.
  2. Doctor of Economics, Professor AK Sharipov
  3. Candidate of Law, Docent Beisov E.Zh.

The university operates successfully research cluster, which includes three different profiles center and five laboratories in the field of science and education.

Research Cluster is part of the university, providing modern facilities research activities of undergraduates, doctoral students and of the teaching staff.

Research centers:

  1. Scientific and Practical Center Iliyastanu.
  2. Research Center "Philosophy of science and local history."
  3. Regional Youth Innovation Research Centre.

Scientific research laboratories:

  1. "Mathematics and the new technologies."
  2. "Human psychophysiology "
  3. «Regional Environmental Research».
  4. «Biophysical monitoring geophysical environment».
  5. «Virtual Lab».

In general, the main activity of the cluster is to conduct basic and applied research, implementation of the results of scientific research in practice, the right to intellectual property.Also to provide the conditions for innovation, research and development activities of of the teaching staff University. On the basis of research work identifies promising future specialists in the field of natural sciences, humanities and technical disciplines.

The results of the research work carried out by the departments of the university, as a rule, implemented in the educational process in the form of manuals, guidelines, special courses, special seminars and implementing acts.

In the 2013-2014 academic year ZhSU them. I.Zhansugurov were held in regional - 1, national - 3, international scientific-practical conference - 1.

25-26 October 2013 ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov held an International scientific-practical conference ""Problems and opportunities of interaction: education-science-society".Conference invitation with a large number of foreign scholars of this kind are held annually at the university. The aim of the conferenceis discussion of strategy of education and science development in the conditions of new global transformation in the world community.

December 6-7, 2013 in ZhSU them. I.Zhansugurov held the annual republican scientific-practical conference "Zhansugurovskie reading" dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.The purpose of the conference - the study of creativity I.Zhansugurov and discussion of topical issues of education, economics, information technology, humanities and social sciences in the light of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

7-8 February 2014 ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov conducted a regional scientific-methodical conference "Implementation of innovative technologies in the educational process - through quality education."

13-14 March 2014 on the basis of Zhetysu State University named after I.Zhansugurov supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan held a Republican scientific-practical conference "Youth and Science in the Modern World" the purpose of which is to discuss topical issues of education, economics, information technology, natural sciences, engineering, humanities and social sciences in the light of the implementation of key tasks arising from the Address of the Head of State NA Nazarbayev dated January 17, 2014 "Kazakhstan's way - 2050: One goal, common interests, common future."

The conference was attended by students, undergraduates, doctoral students and young researchers of universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation.

Over the past year, faculty members were trained 799 scientific papers at national and international scientific conferences.

Research work of students (NIRS)

Research work of students (NIRS) is a mandatory and integral part of training in ZhSU im.I.Zhanusugurova, and among the basic tasks of the university solved on the basis of the unity of teaching and research processes.The main purpose of the organization and development of the scientific-research work of students is to improve the scientific training of specialists with higher education and identifying talented young people for further learning and updating teaching and research staff of universities, other institutions and organizations in the country based on the latest scientific and technological advances, economic and cultural development of thought.

In order to facilitate the implementation of creative and scientific potential of young people in the university is active Students' Scientific Society (SSS). The composition of the CHO University of representatives from all 7 faculties of the university. In turn, each faculty functioning CHO members are engaged in research and creative activity in the composition of the student scientific circles (SNK) and problem groups. Pursuing research activities within scientific circles, the student is able to:

1.         participate in scientific conferences, forums, summits and congresses;

2.    Faculties and other units of the university;

2.         conduct scientific, practical and analytical research within the domain of the scientific circle;

3.         engaged in design and research work within the scientific circle;

4.         participate in competitions for research grants;

5.         publish scientific articles and the results of scientific research in scientific journals.

In 2013-2014 account. he worked at the University of student scientific circles 29 and 59 problem groups. Results of research students and undergraduates are tested in seminars, conferences, protected as term papers and dissertations, published in the proceedings.

Student Conference, held annually on the basis of FGM are intended wide propaganda science student, discussion and conclusions of scientific works of students, instilling students skills generalization and analysis of scientific results. April 19-20, 2013 in Finance and Economics Faculty held a regional scientific-practical conference of students and undergraduates "Kazakhstan's way - 2050: The view of a young scientist."The conference was attended by 200 students and undergraduates, research papers published in the conference proceedings. Teams of students ZhSU them. I.Zhansugurov annually take part in the Republican student competitions, winning prizes.

In the 2013-2014 academic year in the national competitions in 16 subjects participated 95 students. Teams ZhSU them. Zhansugurov took prizes team places:

- 1st Place Team in pedagogy and psychology (based on the republican scientific-practical center "Daryn") on "Law and Economics" (named after I.Zhansugurov based FGM);

- 1st individual places on the "Music Education" (Russia, Astrakhan);

- 2 individual place in "Music Education" (named after I.Zhansugurov based FGM);

- 2 Place Team in "Accounting and Auditing" (based on ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov) on "preschool education and upbringing" (based on EKSU State university) on "basic military training" (based on the University them .E.Buketova);

- 3 team places in "Economics" (named after I.Zhansugurov based FGM); in "Art and Design" (KazNPU Abay, Almaty); specialty "Chemistry" (based on ZhenPU, Almaty);

- 3rd place individual on the "Law" (Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi, Almaty).

Winner of national competitions were:

-in team took 1st place students at the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology Sandybaev J., A. Salimova, Eleev V., A. Omarova specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology"; law students Tursynova M. Shynasilova A., A. Rakhimov specialty "Law and Economics";

-in the individual standings 1st place student of pedagogy and psychology Azat Dauyl in "Music Education"; A. Abbasov student financial-economic department, specialty "Tourism".

-in the individual standings took 2nd place student of pedagogy and psychology Jumabekov A., in "Music Education";

-in the team event took place 2 students of the Faculty of Finance and Economics, Kim R., Baykorzhin D., A. Orynbayev in "Accounting and Auditing"; students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Kim D., A. Dyusenbaeva, Tsukanova M., A. Zhurekova specialty "Preschool education and upbringing"; students of the faculty of art and culture Moldahmaetov Sh Eltaev D., A. Erzhigitov specialty "Basic military training"

-in team took 3rd place students of the Faculty of Finance and Economics A. Mikheev, Chatybay D., D. Uysimbekova, Kudaibergenova R., M. Saylauov in "Economics"; students of the Faculty of Culture and Art Akhmetov, A., S. Sarsenbaeva in "Art and Design"; Students naturally-technical faculty Ayaz Raihan, Kadylhan M., A. Serikkanov specialty "Chemistry".

-in the individual standings took 3rd place law student Ibraev A., majoring in "Jurisprudence".

-students received nominations financial and economic department Adilbekova A., A. Bukeyhanova "Best Business Idea" in "Accounting and Auditing" (KazEU KazEU, Almaty); Kaukeev S. Akbuazova A., B. Bulanava, Dauletov D., Sparidae A. "Best captain" specialty "Tourism" (al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Almaty); students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology Salimova A., A. Maltaeva, Ahtanov A., A. Mukhanova, Ahtanov A. "For the will to win" in "Pedagogy and Psychology" (Kazakh-Turkish International University im.K.Yassaui, g .Turkestan); students of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology A. Akhmetov, Massimov G., M. Myrzahmetova "The best video" specialty "Defectology" (KSU im.E.A.Buketova Karaganda).

All participants of the competition were awarded with diplomas and certificates for their participation in the Republican Subject Olympiad.

The main goal of the Olympics - revealing talented students and the development of professional skills of future professionals.

In the subject Olympiad teams participated more than 20 universities of Kazakhstan, including the Treasury of al-Farabi, KazEU KazEU, Kostonay Normal University, ICGS im.A.Yassaui Taraz State Pedagogical Institute named after Buketov KSU, Pavlodar State Pedagogical University and others.

n the subject Olympiad teams participated more than 20 universities of Kazakhstan, including the Treasury of al-Farabi, KazEU KazEU, Kostonay Normal University, ICGS im.A.Yassaui Taraz State Pedagogical Institute named after Buketov KSU, Pavlodar State Pedagogical University and others. The result was handed a diploma 4 I-st degree, 4 - II-nd degree, 4 - III-th degree and 28 students were awarded diplomas in various categories.

In recent years, the university students increased interest in the research.In the Republican contest of student research projects each year involving about 30 students with completed research projects in the field of natural, technical, socio-economic sciences and the humanities.

In the 2013-2014 academic year 2 student financial-economic department Dosaev K., A. Moldabekov (Enaktus ZhSU Topic innovation project: "The Fifth Element) in" State and local government "for participation in the project competition« Start-up »in Almaty (Hotel Ritz Palace) received a certificate and a letter of thanks.

Two students of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics N.Zhaylaubaeva, A.Nurlankyzy Project Title: "bicycle" specialty "Physics" by the results of the republican competition of social projects for young people "Zhastar kөzқarasy - 2013" was awarded a diploma of III-degree.

In the 2013-2014 academic year, according to the results of the regional competition "Jas Galim - Otanga!" "University students have become owners of the grant of akim of Almaty region:

  1. Theme: "Zhogargy oku oryndarynda sauattylykty dini satylykty koteru jane destruktivtі agymdarga jol bermeu tasіlderі". Written work: Kayyrbek Gulzhanat Erіkovna, 4 year degree "Informatics" physico-mathematical faculty;
  2. Topic: "Development and implementation of programs in the educational process with the use of 3D features grafikiқu." Author of the project: Erengayypov Sanat Talgatovich - 2nd year student, "Information Systems" physico-mathematical faculty;
  3. Topic: "Investigation of methods of training and education of the young generation of small schools (for example Kerbulak District, Almaty region). Author of the project: Daniyaruly Alisher, 4th year student of the specialty "Mathematics".
  4. Subject: "Conducting crime prevention among youth and adolescents".  Written work: Rataev Ardant Kayratovich - 3rd year student majoring in "Jurisprudence" of the law faculty.
  5. Topic: "The Formation of professional competence of future teachers of biology by landscaped gardens and the university area". Written work: Uldahan Shyңғys Muratovich, Askarbekova Kenzhegul Baurzhanovna - 2nd year students specialty "Biology" natural-technical faculty;
  6. Subject: "The possibilities of purification of drinking water and industrial waste shungite extracted in the mine Cox," the author of the project: Aidarkhanov Ayan Tleubekovich - 3rd year student majoring "Geography" natural-technical faculty;
  7. The theme "Formation of communicative abilities universal educational action in primary school children through the project activities," the author of the project: Nigmatulina Кamila Muslimovna - 3rd year student majoring "Initial training and education."

To enhance research university holds annual regional competition of research projects "Innovation" grant ZhSU Rector, whose purpose - the selection of practically significant innovation projects in priority areas of science and education in the Republic of Kazakhstan; development of regional research and promote the integration of science, education and industry in the interests of socio-economic development of Almaty region. Thus, scientific activity Zhetysu State University. I.Zhansugurov is one of the priorities in the overall process of training in the university.

Research work of students helps to create them as creative individuals capable of reasonably and effectively address emerging theoretical and applied problems. The educational process in high school is a synthesis of training, education, work experience and research work.Thus changes in the system of scientific research students carried out in accordance with the new conditions of the university and are based on the use of long-term domestic and foreign experience of integration of science and education, training, meeting the requirements of international standards.

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