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Department of Philosophy and Political Sciences have a history of formation and development. It was founded as the Department of Marxism-Leninism in 1973. In those years there worked such wonderful teachers as Syrgabaev Sh.Yu., Botvich I. P., Hazhiev D. Kh. etc. In 1980 it was separated and organized by the Department of Philosophy and Political Economy. Their subtle, daily work, teachers of the department have contributed to the formation of teachers' personalities who have graduated from our institution of higher education and working in a time-different regions of our country.

Since 1992, it renamed the Department of Philosophy and Political Sciences.

Over the years, this is work masters of their craft, such as Kim P.G PhD, Kassymov M.A Ph.D., Kylyshbaeva B.N Doctor of Sociology etc.

Currently, the department in its activity keeps continuity, tradition and at the same time innovating. There are the tasks set by our President Nazarbayev N.A, and requiring practical implementation in the field of education. It   first of all, the formation of individuals who are able to think independently, have qualities such as professionalism and competitiveness.

Teachers of the department teach classes in all faculties of the University in the disciplines of social and humanities, such as philosophy, political sciences, sociology, and the basics right. Rating of student performance on these courses are always on  high level. At various times, the department was headed by Candidate of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Katen A.K, Ph.D., Associate Professor Rysbekov K.K and others. Currently, the department in charge of the candidate of historical sciences, Associate Professor Kalkhanova Alfiya Nurkasovna, a graduate of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi. In 2010, she successfully defended her thesis on "The Formation of public-political ideology in Kazakhstan". Alfiya Nurkasovna systematically improving scientific activities problems of political sciences and other areas of the department.

Key areas of learning activities teachers of the department are to improve methodological expertise, research and introduction of innovative technologies, development of training manuals and guidelines on specific topics of disciplines.

Teachers of the department are working on general cathedral research topic "The problem of knowledge" working individually on the study  research topics, writing monographs.

Teachers are providing guidance of scientific work of students, prepare them for student scientific conferences; direct the work of scientific circles and problem groups (Art. teacher Isagalieva G.D. - a problem group "NUS", PhD Philosophy. senior Lecturer Berikova A.K - Scientific circle  "Philosopher", candidate of historical Sciences, Associate Professor K.N Alikenova - Scientific circle "Sayasatker").

Today, the department consists of: Professor, Doctor of Philosophy Kasabekov A.K, Associate Professor, PhD Alikenova K.N, PhD - Berikova A.K, Rakhipova S.K, Rysbekov K.K, Nurbosynova L.S .; candidate of historical sciences Katen A.K, masters of  sociology Enseeva V.T, Igenbay A.N

Department of Philosophy and Political Sciences exerciseregular cooperation with the Department of philosophy of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Head of the Department - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Altayev J.A, with the Institute of Philosophy of the Academy of Sciences of the MES of RK, Director - Nysanbayev A.N

To date, academic degree of the Department  is 80%.

Staff of the department is quite friendly, cohesive, able to work with a certain impact.

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