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         A brief history of the Department. Department of Criminal Law at Zhetysu State Unversity named after I.Zhansugurov was founded in 2008. Since the opening of the Department future lawyers are taught by qualified scientists such as:

Seriev Bolat A.  c.l.s., associate Professor

Beisov Erbol Zh. c.l.s., associate Professor

Tinistanova Saltanat S.  c.h.s., associate Professor

Taimerdenov Meirambek d.l.s., Professor

Dosymbet Kaldarbek c.l.s., associate Professor

Bekov Kairat A.c.l.s., associate Professor

Mukazhanov Akhmetzhan K. c.l.s.

Koishybaiuly Kuanysh Ph.D., doctor of philosophy

Altynbekkyzy Alua Ph.D.

Degrees is 50%.

          Teachers of the faculty lecture on basic rights at all departments of the university. Undoubtedly, university students have high levels of knowledge in this comprehensive discipline.
         Information about the Head of the Depertament. From September 2010 the head of the Department of Criminal Law was appointed PhD, Associate Professor Seriev Bolat Abduldaevich. Seriev Bolat Abduldaevich graduated from KazNU named after Al-Farabi, on the basic specialty - "Jurisprudence". 2008 he defended his thesis in the specialty "Management of criminal proceedings; criminalistics and legal expertise; operational detective office", on topic "Violation of labor legislation and the participation of the lawyer as a representative of the plaintiff". He is an author of a textbook "Lawyer’s Ethics”, of a manual “Legal elements in the fight against corruption”, of a scientific monograph "Problems of national security law in the Republic of Kazakhstan”.


          The main directions of the department. The main direction of the department, improvement of methodological creativity of teachers, development and application of innovative technologies in the work, preparation of training manuals on taught subjects, as well as Bachelor of Law and Masters of Jurisprudence.
          At the department is a courtroom open with the financial support of the Supreme Court of the RK, Almaty Regional Court. In the courtroom are conducted trials in criminal, civil, administrative and legal violations by Municipal Court of Taldykorgan.
          At the proper level is forensic lab of the department. The laboratory is equipped with modern technology and information technology. Ph.D., associate professor E.Zh. Beisov, senior teachers of the department, Police Colonels B.N. Moldabekov and E.S. Belgibekov are conduced their lectures in the forensic lab.
         The scientific work of the department. It has become an annual tradition to conduct scientific and theoretical and practical conference on " Fight against corruption" with the Almaty regional branch of "Nur Otan" and the Agency for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption.
          Together with the Almaty Regional Department of Child Protection, are conducted researchs on preventing crime.

          The research work of students. Students of speciality "Law" under the supervision of Associate Professor S.S. Tynystanova received the top prize in the contest "Best Research Project", organized by the First President fund.

          Under the supervision of the Department of Criminal Law, agreed with Department of Internal Affairs of Taldykorgan, Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty region work units of legal order "Jas Kyran."

          Teachers of the department pay much attention to students' scientific work. They prepare the students for student's scientific conferences. Scientific circles with the students are orginized. Senior Lecturer D.I. Ashimova and teacher Zh.N. Sarsekulov manage scientific circles "Fair trial", teachers E.S. Belgibekov and A.K. Ozenbaeva - Scientific Circle "Forensic".
          Cooperation and international relations of the department. Department of Criminal Law cooperates with the Siberian Federal University of Russia, Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, the Eurasian NU named after L. Gumilev. Senior teacher B.E. Moldabekov, master of law, senior lecturer, T.E. Urazymbetov, and teacher D.E. Bekezhanov were trained at the Siberian Federal University of Russia.
          Teachers of the department of criminal law are working together with regional authorities of legal protection. Chairman of the Almaty Regional Court M.T. Taymerdenov, Head of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty region Z.K. Kembaev, first deputy chairman of the National Security Committee of Almaty region A. Baykenzhiev and others visited the Department and got acquainted with the educational work.
          The scientific degrees of the department is 45 %.
          Nowadays the teachers of department faculty is cohesive, strong team consisting of like-minded people, united by one goal.

          Achievemnts of the faculty of criminal disciplines department:

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