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          The short historical information: The department of state and civil-law disciplines of law faculty is created in 2008 in a Zhetsu State University named after Ilias Zhansugurov.

          The year of education of state and civil-law disciplines is a part of historical-philological faculty created in 1973. Its basic task - preparation of the experts on civil law, financial, bank, tax, currency, insurance right, conducting scientific and scientific - methodical works on the basic disciplines of faculty, legal education of student's youth. The history of state and civil-law disciplines department includes histories of two faculties, by result of which addition it is.

          The head of state and civil-law disciplines department of law faculty is a candidate of jurisprudence, docent– Kopbasarova Gulnur Kenzhebaevna

          The professorial - teaching structure of state and civil-law disciplines faculty of jurisprudence consists of 1 teachers. There are:

Kopbasarova Gulnura K. c.l.s.

Bekturganov Abdimanap E. d.l.s., Professor, Member-correspondent of the national Academy of Sciences of RK

Chingayeva Bakhtygul K.  c.l.s., associate Professor

Sherimova Nurzat Sh. c.l.s., associate Professor

Karabekov Nurlan N. c.l.s., associate Professor

Degrees is 54%.

         The information about head of faculty: The head of state and civil-law disciplines department of law faculty is a candidate of jurisprudence, docent– Kopbasarova Gulnur Kenzhebaevna

         In 1998 she entered the law faculty to the specialty "Jurisprudence" of Taraz State University named after M.KH.Dulati. In 2002 she graduated with excellent marks the specified department of university.

          In 2003-2004 she was an intern applicant in a department of "civil disciplines," of Taraz State University named after M.KH.Dulati

          June 27, 2008 under the guidance of Member-correspondent of the national Academy of Sciences of RK, Doctor of Law, Professor A.E. Bekturganov, she defended her thesis on the topic: “legal regulation of cross-border environmental pollution in the Republic of Kazakhstan”

          01/09/2010 she was awarded with Diplomas for contribution of social and spiritual development of independent Kazakhstan
          15/09/2010 she received a certificate by number registration № 23-04 "academic Bologna process" in the international seminar on professional development.

          In 2010 she received a certificate for participation in a national forum "Youth for Unity of Kazakhstan"s people" 17/04/2010 she received a certificate for participation in "the judicial practice of land law," issued jointly supervising the Chairman of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan A. Smolin and the doctor of right KH. I. Shremen and district judge – G.Shinstger of town Bremen

          In March of 2010 she was awarded with certificate by the Secretary of Taldykorgan maslikhat - M Bopazov for contributing to the education of the younger generation for its professionalism and active citizenship

          Since 1-st September, 2008, the candidate of jurisprudence, docent - Kopbasarova Gulnur Kenzhebaevna was accepted as hired senior lecturer to the department of "government and civil disciplines," Faculty of Law. Since 2-nd September, 2008, she has been acting as a head of the Department of faculty.

          Directions and results of educational work:
          Professional sphere of faculty: -qualitative knowledge;- scientific research; -educational work; -organizational work.
          Evidence of professional activity: law enforcement, advocacy, notary, legal counsel, expert.

          Every year teachers of the department and students are participating in scientific conferences. Students of the department are the winners of the republican conference and olympiads. Basing on the approved plan of NIRS in the department are carried out activities of a scientific nature: student olypiads, competition for the best student work, etc.

          Department of the university performs educational-methodical, scientific, researching and educational work and etc. Department deals with the introduction of innovative technologies in the learning process.

          Pace with the times, lecture halls are equipped with scientific and technical resources, computer classes. Now there are courtroom.

          Department strives to prepare educated, communicative, honest, professional lawyers Since September of 2010, in the department was created a student scientific circle "Themis" of international law and constitutional law.

          13-25 of december of 2010 the graduaters of magistracy – A.M.Baizhumanova, A.K.Kozhataev have been scientifically trained in the Law Institute of Siberian Federal University. Training was held in a special program that includes lectures, individual counseling, work in the library and other activities
          Scientific achievements of faculty and students:
          The faculty participates in scientific workshops, national and international conferences.

          January 28 - March 28 of 2011, under the guidance of Master of Law and senior lecturer Kozhakhmetova was awarded her 3-th course student Musekenova A. on republican competition of FUND OF THE FIRST PRESIDENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF KAZAKHSTAN with medal and a diploma for the best scholarly work on "the legal framework for the protection of refugees”

          12-13 of April 2011 at the III Republican subject olmipiad took part 3 students of 4-th course of BRE(kazakh department) speciality – A.Rasbekova, A.Erbolatkyzy, M. Konyspaeva. They worn I place, their head-teacher was a graduater of magistracy Zhunispaeva A.B.

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