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          Dean of the Faculty of Law
          Beisov Erbol Zhaksybekovich
          PhD, lecturer
          Faculty of Law was established in 2008 under the leadership of Rector, Doctor of Law, Professor Bekturganova Abdimanapa Elikbaevicha.
Currently dean of the faculty is assistant professor of "Criminal Law", PhD Beisov Erbol Zhaksybekovich.
The department consists of the dean and vice dean of the three.
Creating a faculty is a logical continuation of History and Philology, established in 1973.
The faculty consists of three departments.
The main task - to prepare highly qualified specialists in law and the foundations of law and economics, and legal education of students.
In 2009 the University opened Master's degree in law. Here, besides paying undergraduates are taught and the holders of the grant.
The material-technical base of the faculty is strengthened with each passing year.
Organization of educational process is carried out in 5 directions.
Research activities, students may additionally engage in student circles.
Students take an active part in the activities of various levels concerning the training and education.
The faculty set a goal to produce competitive professionals who will work in the future in different parts of the country, as well as honesty and integrity to work for our country.

 Faculty of Law consists of three departments:

  1. Government and civil disciplines;
  2. Criminal Law;
  3. Philosophy and political science.
History of the Faculty of Law includes the stories of three departments, the result of the addition which it is.
  • The total number of faculty members - 41:
  • Doctor of Laws ............ – 5
  • Candidate of Legal Sciences ........ – 13
  • Master of Laws .............................. – 14
  • senior teachers ................ – 8
At faculty the true masters of their scientists and teachers of a high level who are interested to work closely together in unity to achieve this goal.
 At the faculty teaching scholars and lawyers, famous for its numerous productions such as:
  • AE Bekturganov (Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor)
  • LK Erkinbaeva (Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor)
  • ES Dusipov (JD, Associate Professor, Professor)
  • EJ Beisov (Candidate of Legal Sciences)
  • GK Kopbasarova (Candidate of Legal Sciences)
  • BA Seriev (Candidate of Legal Sciences)
  • BK Chingaeva (Candidate of Legal Sciences)
  • AK Katenev (candidate of historical sciences, associate professor)
  • SS Tinistanova (candidate of historical sciences, associate professor)
  • AN Kalhanova (candidate of historical sciences),
  • KN Alikenova (candidate of historical sciences)
  • LS Nurbosynova (candidate of philosophy sciences)
          masters of Law:
  • GJ Mirambaeva,
  • AB Zhunispaeva,
  • AA Alshurazova,
  • JT Shaymuhanova,
  • AM Bayzhumanova,
  • DB Erdenbaev.
          as well as other experienced teachers.  
          The faculty provides an educational process of the program:
  • 5V030100 "Jurisprudence";
  • 5V011500 "Law and Economics";
  • 6M030100 "Master."

Total number of students - 947 of them:

  • bachelor's – 906;
  • a master's – 41.

In the master taught undergraduates in the profile towards a year of training and 2 years of training in scientific and pedagogical direction "Jurisprudence".

 Faculty teachers regularly attend refresher courses at leading universities of the country and the CIS as:

  • Karaganda Economic University "Kazpotrebsoyuz";
  • Law Institute of the Federal Autonomous State educational institution of professional higher education;
  • Institute for Advanced Studies in the Treasury of the Al-Farabi.

 Specialty "Law and basic economics" faculty prepares specialists pedagogy which fully meets the educational process, is involved in improving education, technology education relevant to today's demands of society.

During training, students gain knowledge in areas of the law, and economic doctrines of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Graduates may teach subjects, "The State and the Theory of Law", "Law", "Principles of Economics" in middle schools, high schools, high schools, vocational schools, the foundations of law.

          The Faculty trains lawyers in the specialty "Law".

          During training, students take a deep knowledge of all branches of the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 
          Students gain the necessary expertise for employees of rights, courts, prosecutors, law enforcement bodies, the National Security Committee, Foreign Service and business structure.
          Faculty graduates can work in prosecutors' offices, courts, justice agencies and the Interior, National Security Committee as well as independently as a lawyer, notary, legal counsel.
          Their knowledge of graduates may also apply in the field of education and science.
          The faculty student circles "Femida", "Jurist", "Forensic", " Young people in the democratic world", "Sayasatker", "Adіl sot", "Ekologiyany kukyktyk korgaushy."
          Students of the faculty take part in traditional national conferences, competitions and various competitions on "Jurisprudence" and "Law and Economics" and the social and political sciences.
          Teaching staff of Department annually takes part in Spartakiads University, organize and conduct competitions in various sports among university students.

          Students take an active part in the gala concert devoted to various national and state holidays.

          Every year the number of students wishing to participate in public life, the University faculty.
          Logistical resources department is strengthened with each passing year. In accordance with modern requirements, to enhance students' theoretical knowledge in practice, classrooms, computer labs, training rooms with interactive whiteboards, "Judicial ekspertologicheskie rooms," "courtroom", "Forensic testing ground" and "Forensic laboratory" equipped with the scientific and technical means and are in effect.

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