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The head: Tukenova Natalia Iembergenovna, the directorof institute of distance educational technology, the candidate of pedagogical sciences.
Phone: 8(7282) 22-17-79.
AN E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A field of activity: 

Remote educational technologies of students education - are one of the important lines of activity of university. The instituteof distance educational technologies (further the IDET) as structural division of Zhetysu state university named after I.Zhansugurov (further ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov) is created in 2011 for successful work in a scope of distance educational technologies (further the Department of Distance Educational Technology ) in educational process.

The organization of educational process is carried out with application of the modern educational technologies based on use of the Internet for providing of access of the student to ` educational resources ZhSU named after I.Zhansugurov, and also systems of test control of knowledge.

The Department of Distance Educational Technology carries out technological support of educational process, carries out training of teaching structure on technologies of remote training.

Advantages of remote education:

  1. Possibility of reception of formation on the reduced educational programs of a bachelor degree on the basis of technical and professional and higher vocational training without a separation from primary activity in a residence (time stay).
  2. Training possibility under the individual curriculum.
  3. An independent choice of rate of training.
  4. Nonresident students have possibility to optimize the expenses at the expense of reduction of expenses on journey to a place of training and residing at Taldykorgan.
  5. After successful total certification the diploma of the state sample (the diploma about higher education) stands out.

Using remote formation, the student has an opportunity:

  • To get access to teaching-methodical complexes of disciplines. 
  • To ask a question to the teacher (tutor) and to receive consultation. 
  • To send control (course) work (including in an electronic variant) and to receive the review of the teacher.
  • To pass total control of knowledge, having passed examination in the form of testing.
  • To learn the session schedule.
  • To look through the news forum containing the information on the organization of educational process.
  • To get access to electronic library of Zhetysu state university name of I. Zhansugurov
  • To communicate with students and teachers in a mode on-line.

The basic lines of activity the Instituteof Distance Educational Technology:

  • The Organization and management of educational process on remote educational technologies.
  • Working out of didactic means of remote training.
  • information-technical maintenance of educational process on remote educational technologies. 
  • Creation of databases of information educational resources.
  • Participation in retraining of administrative, technical and scientific and pedagogical shots of Zhetysu state university named after I.Zhansugurov for an effective utilization of information and communicative technologies (Informative Communicative Technologies).

Educational – methodical base for trained on remote Educational Technologies:

  • electronic library of Zhetysu state university named after I.Zhansugurov;
  • electronic lectures, electronic textbooks and grants;
  • course cases;
  • video lectures and video data;
  • resources of Internet;
  • audiomaterials.

The Department of Distance Educational Technologies provides:

  • Introduction in educational process of modern educational-methodical and didactic materials and the software of the automated systems of training, systems of information-technical maintenance, information-library systems;
  • Working out and introduction of didactic means of remote educational technologies; 
  • Working out of textbooks, educational-methodical complexes, educational-methodical grants and didactic materials on electronic carriers;
  • Working out, acquisition and development of electronic textbooks, multimedia courses, methodical grants and other methodical means of Institute of Distance Educational Technologies;
  • Working out and introduction of testing systems and other control devices of knowledge, techniques of use of information resources for the Institute of Distance Educational Technologies;
  • Scientific and methodical maintenance of participants of educational process trained through interaction with use of telecommunication means, taking into account possibilities trained;
  • The organization of current control of progress and the intermediate certification, trained in the information system protected against forgeries, falsifications by application of electronic methods of restriction of access, methods of an independent estimation, public protection of works in territorial certifying commissions.

Expected results of the DET implementation:

  1. Improvement of teachers’ competence in the use of new information technologies in the educational process.
  2. Basis formation for creative approach of pedagogical collective to the knowledge presentation process with regard to all the innovations taking place in the educational space.
  3. Elaboration of recommendations on the new technologies application.
  4. The knowledge quality of students, learning on the DET in all disciplines, exceeds the knowledge quality of students, learning in the traditional system
  5. Level increase of creative thinking and students’ scientific-research work.
  6. Graduates’ competitiveness in the labour market.

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